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  1. All 3 chicks fledged last week. The female did not even remove the unhatched egg this time. This is the first time I’ve seen the female not remove the unhatched egg. I removed the nest and Power washed the box so I’m sure I will see new pine straw starting to accumulate within the next 2 weeks for a second brood!
  2. You are correct Stuart... these are blue jays. I believe Blue Jays are monomorphic so the only way you can tell the males from the females is by watching their behavior differences.
  3. @Clip - You are about 2 weeks ahead of me in Alabama. 3 of the 4 eggs hatched on April 9th at my place and 5 out of 5 eggs hatched at my mother's house 70 miles North of me on about the same day. We had cold front blow in here last night and it got down to 32 degrees so I hope all the babies made it through it. I would imagine that they did. Yes... My experience is that the dad shows the youngsters the ropes usually for at least a couple of weeks before the mother bluebird goes back and rebuilds a new nest or spruces up an existing nest to start a new brood. Usually at least 3 weeks pass
  4. April is the month for two of my favorites coming up from Central America! The Rose-breasted Grosbeak and the Indigo Bunting. Let us know when you start seeing them! They are both great birds!
  5. They are back! 🥳🥳🥳. Got this very poor shot during a heavy storm containing tornados.
  6. While I was away in New York this past week, my female laid her 4 eggs for her first brood. Last year she raised 3 clutches all 4 eggs each. All 12 baby bluebirds left the nest. These are the same bluebird parents that I have had for 3 years now. They are tough and experienced.
  7. That’s a lot of bluebirds. I bet some of them are related
  8. that is a great account of what happened. I didn’t realize the Carolina wren was so savvy
  9. The season has officially kicked off so be sure and get your feeders out! Looks like they are about a week behind where they were last year. They are hitting the Gulf Coast by the thousands! Woo hoo! https://www.hummingbirdcentral.com/hummingbird-migration-spring-2021-map.htm
  10. My female built this much of a nest in a single day. The box was empty yesterday.
  11. I did not see where anyone had started this thread yet for 2021. My bluebird pair have been eating suet at the bird feeders and flying around the property talking to one another but they have not put any pine straw in the box yet. I am sure it is about to start. I believe I had eggs before the end of March last year. I remember seeing fire flys (lightening bugs) on March 14th last year and my bluebirds had already started constructing their nest.
  12. I tried them but my bluebirds like my suet better than the dried meal worms so I stopped buying them. I suppose the one case where they could be beneficial is if you have bluebirds that struggle to find enough insects for their babies? I'm not sure how you are supposed to ascertain that your bluebird parents are struggling to find enough insects?
  13. I have a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker on my property here in Alabama. Did you notice how they squeak like a dog's toy when they vocalize? One of the "cutest" sounds of any bird in my opinion.
  14. Usually the Pine Siskins do not stay this late in the year in Alabama. I have had them in my yard since November. I wonder how they know that it is not time to go back yet? I have been expecting them to be gone any day but I have been thinking that way for the last month. I am getting ready for the ruby throats! They should start showing up in the next few weeks!
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