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  1. Waiting on the pompano and whiting to show up
  2. At my friends back yard on the beach... you think these Royal Terns know that I am fishing with sand fleas?
  3. Yes that’s it. I remember reading it when it came out a few years ago.
  4. I have never seen a red-tail go after song birds but my red-shouldered hawks have been eating them. I have a Cooper’s come into the area occasionally and this past summer we had a broad-winged hawk raise little ones in the neighbor’s yard. They are usually not in Alabama that much. We have a ton a chipmunks too so that is the reason we have so many hawks.
  5. I wrongly assumed that insect eaters do not join mixed flocks with seed eaters! Now I know otherwise! The birds couldn’t care less about the diet of their fellow flockers! I had a few purple finches for a couple of months but they are gone now. The juncos are still here and won’t go back until late March/April.
  6. My Pine Siskins left and I’m glad because several became sick and disappeared (I have hawks!). Now that I have put my feeders back up, a wave of American Goldfinches have shown up and I have noticed the strangest group of birds that are traveling together in a mixed flock. Bluebirds, yellow rumped warbler, American Robin along with my normal mixed flockers like Titmice, Chickadees, Downy, etc. Has anyone else ever seen so many insect eaters traveling with seed eaters? The insect eaters are going after the suet cakes. I have never seen this before. The goldfinches are starting to get so
  7. I'll have to look that up about the Cactus Wren just to be sure that you are not pulling our legs
  8. I am seeing some sick acting Pine Siskins around my feeders so I took everything down and washed it really good and reloaded. I have so many siskins and goldfinches in a small area around the feeders and they just practically stay on top of each other. I can see how easily the salmonella bacteria infection can be spread among them. I have not seen any dead birds but I have so many opossums, cats and raccoons that no dead bird would last more than one night without being eaten. Do you think cleaning everything several times a week is enough or do you think I really need to just take down m
  9. It has been a while since anyone has posted on this forum so I wanted to break the silence even if my information is not that exciting to share. The Pine Siskins that showed up at my house on November 8th are still at me feeders pretty much every day. I am going through a standard size nyjer feeder full of nyjer seed about once every 4 days. I am going through a 1 gallon hopper style BOSS feeder about once every 2-3 days so these siskins are starting to weigh in on my pocket book! I did notice a price increase on BOSS at Tractor supply. From 18 bucks for a 40 lb bag to 23 bucks so ther
  10. Welcome to the group! I had a catbird that would eat suet when I used to live in PA.
  11. That Spotted Towhee sure is a handsome bird! Did not know this bird existed! Did not know the Varied Thrush existed either!
  12. I will post my list soon... haven't had 15 minutes to watch birds lately! ☹️
  13. I like this as an idea. Maybe we can all do this. See how many different species we can count in a 15 minute period on our property. My number would be much lower I am guessing.
  14. I would like to come and visit your back yard. Especially if you live on the water!
  15. I know winter is coming.. .The dark eyed juncos showed up on the ground under my feeder station this morning. They have been in the area for several weeks but now that they have made an appearance, I can expect to see some other winter species. This is the first time ever that Pine Siskins have shown up before Juncos but it is just a different kind of year! It's 2020 after all! Now waiting to see all my goldfinches, white-throated sparrows, chipping sparrows, etc. and more! I'm looking forward to seeing my winter friends.
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