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  1. Here is my new Fall Migration bird feeding station. Put it up last night.
  2. Perhaps the cardinal recognized the finch as one of his partners in a mixed feeding flock? He may have recognized that the finch was not acting normal so he was investigating what was going on? I don't have any other ideas.
  3. Ha ha! That hummingbird is already pretty fat! I hate to see how big he is going to be when he is at full capacity because he is going to struggle to carry that load across the Gulf!
  4. Yes.. female Summer Tanager. Thanks! I’ve seen these and the red males in my back yard before. I guess I forgot about them since I don’t see them that frequently.
  5. This bird looks too large to be a warbler but maybe it is. It was making a higher pitch clicking sound while it was drinking from my bird bath. Sorry for the iPhone poor photo quality. Central Alabama this morning around 8 am.
  6. Since we will start seeing birds move in the next several months I thought I would create this topic. The Central and South American birds will be getting ready to make their journey back and our northern states and Canadian birds will be showing up here in South as well! I'll be interested to see if I'll get to see a Grosbeak on his way back through and I can't wait to see the Juncos show up in late October early November!
  7. Yeah.. I already knew about this being a concern but I appreciate your two cents... Ha ha! I would not have even thought about doing it but since I have not been able to see them I thought I would give it a try. Not something I would do to disturb their natural behavior on a routine basis and I may never do it again. It was interesting to me about his size assuming this was the male. If the female is 1/3 larger then I am most impressed by the size of this species.
  8. I need to give an update on my owl situation. I hit the jackpot yesterday evening! I have an outdoor entertainment system with outdoor speakers on each side of my house so I found a barred owl recording on Spotify to play on my speakers. I heard the owl around 6:15 so I put my recording on and turned up the volume to play the recording. Within 30 seconds I saw this huge bird come flying out of the woods toward my house. It was the Barred Owl and he/she was very excited. This is the first time I have seen a Barred Owl in the wild in my life. I did not realize how big they are. Anyway, I played the recording several times as the owl flew back and forth over my house trying to figure out where the owl (from the recording) was. It made him so excited that he kept calling up to 30 minutes after I went inside and quit playing the recording. Beautiful bird.
  9. That's pretty Epic! Wow! Still have not seen my Barred owls yet! Ha ha! They are there but I can't see them!
  10. All 4 fledged on Thursday! That’s it for 2020 bluebird season! I had 3 broods all 4 eggs each. All 12 chicks made it out of the nest box! This was my most successful season to date. Now I’ll have to wait til next March for the next brood!
  11. That is good information Aaron... Thanks.... Last evening one of them was calling about 2 hours before sunset and I walked down into the woods on my property and got pretty close to him. Of course he stopped calling. I never saw him. I stared up into the trees for about 10 minutes looking for him. These thick, tall trees are over a dry creek bed that only has water when it rains so it is difficult terrain so I can't check for feathers or droppings. The leaf canopy from the trees is very thick so that obscures most of my vision as well. I will eventually see one. There a lot of them within about a square mile of my house. I live one mile from Oak Mountain State Park so they call to one another over some pretty long distances. I can sometimes here them and the sound is so faint. There is no telling how far away they are? About 20 minutes before sunset a bunch of them started calling so there were two calling periods last evening which I have heard them do before. Thanks again. I will post when I see one.
  12. I need some help to figure out how to see these birds. I hear them behind my house just before dark but when I go into the woods to see them they are like ghosts. Does anyone have any tips on how I can see them? Should I carry a high powered flashlight into the woods with me? Will that be a bad idea? Thanks for the suggestions.
  13. Still hanging in there... Should fledge around August 5th.
  14. No shortage that I have seen here in Alabama. Tractor Supply best deal.
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