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  1. I saw the first ruby-throat at my feeder this morning getting ready for work. I need to change out my juice with fresh now that I have seen one.
  2. Well, we are about 7 days after hatch and the babies are working the parents to death. We should see a fledge the week of April 29th. Probably the same mating pair since they are showing the same tendencies of starting early in the season.
  3. Yeah we started seeing Indigo Buntings at my mother's house about 2 weeks ago. They typically arrive a little before the rose-breasters. I had a little black bird on my feeder yesterday afternoon and I swear it looked exactly like a indigo bunting but it was black instead of blue. It may just be a color variation? Also, it perched on feeder instead of the ground raising my suspicion that maybe it was something different than a bunting. If it shows back up, I'll try to get a picture of it.
  4. Has anyone seen a rose-breasted grosbeak yet? They normally show up at my house this week every year.
  5. 3 of 5 eggs have hatched as of yesterday. They should all be hatched by this point. Mom and Dad bluebird are already taking small worms to the box. We have a had a ton of rain so there are earth worms on the ground everywhere. Hopefully, we will see a fully successful fledge with this first brood. Last year, Mr. Racoon wrecked my box with the second brood. I never figured out how he got around the baffle unless he was able to jump 5 feet up into the air and grab the box on top of the baffle. Have not seen any racoons any this year so far! Let's hope for the best! šŸ˜‚
  6. I forgot to post that we saw our first hummingbird this week on April 2nd. Have not seen another one.
  7. May see a hatch by midweek next week. I did not get a final egg count but when I looked on March 23rd there were 2 eggs. I will check this weekend.
  8. Nice photos of some really handsome species.
  9. I put one feeder out on the back. We have a very cold air mass moving in this weekend and it would not surprise me if it slows the Northern movement of hummers until it passes through Monday/Tuesday. That will put us back on Track so that hummers are showing up at about the same time they usually show up each year. They have been about 5-10 days early at some places. I still have not seen one and may not until April. Iā€™m not home that much so I only get to watch sometimes on the weekend
  10. Looks like the Hummingbirds may be 5-10 days early according to Journey North . They are already here! Put out your feeders!
  11. The pair on my property installed a fresh nest in the box over the weekend. They built the nest in 3 days or less because I looked in the box on Thursday and it was completely empty. If you remember from my posts last year, this pair actually laid eggs in March. Be interested to see if they do it 2 years in a row. Usually, Bluebirds start nesting in April or even May. I'm assuming it is the same pair. That may be a bad assumption so someone that knows more about Bluebirds may explain the chances of this being the same pair. They act the same... Ha ha!
  12. I like to talk (write) a little bit too much so when I see that most of the recent posts on here are dominated by "tclarkwood" , I usually try to take a break because I'm sure my acquaintances on this forum are ready to hear from someone else. Nothing wrong with being curios and inquisitive.... just sometimes need to chill out and let the information flow into the forum naturally from sightings you have on your property, attracting birds, migration patterns, etc. That is what this forum is grounded upon. By the way... My American Goldfinches have come back. They were gone for 2 weeks and then this arctic air blast hit and they appeared on Monday. None of them are in breeding colors yet which I find interesting. Hummingbirds in 2-3 weeks! Woo Hoo!
  13. I'll try to find out how long the spring water is in the gallon jug from Walmart. I would not think that it is very long and would not have a substantial leaching chemical effect. Water has to stay in the plastic jug for months and months to get any chemical leaching. That is my understanding from the research that has been done. I think the Great Value Spring Water taste very good here in Alabama. I'm not sure that if you bought it in Missouri or Pennsylvania that the source is the same. Probably not.
  14. I make my nectar with spring water. It has no treatment and no chemicals. Just H20. I make all my recipes, coffee and nectar with it. 94 cents a gallon at Walmart.
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