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  1. The two chicks that hatched are growing fast. They have doubled in size since June 5. Never saw a trace of the two eggs the female removed last week.
  2. The female figured out how to remove the two unhatched eggs without me helping. Now you tell me how she removed those eggs? Did she eat them? She certainly didn’t remove them whole! What happened? 🧐
  3. I forgot that you said earlier in the year that you have HOSP around your property. There is a chance that a HOSP is getting in the box and pecking at the eggs? Have you seen any HOSP go into the box?
  4. I have a question now that is outside my expertise about my situation. I thought that all 4 eggs were going to hatch on my second brood but 2 eggs have hatched and 2 eggs have not hatched. It has been 4 days since the first 2 babies hatched so how long should I wait before removing the 2 eggs if they never hatch? Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm sorry... I will make a point of sending you a photo of my set up that is more predator proof. Something is getting into you box and destroying the eggs. Don't give up yet. I keep forgetting to send you the photo of my set up that has worked well. Chaseman has a very good set up too with three boxes so his bluebirds have the luxury of having a choice of which box they want. Maybe he can post a photo the next time he is on here?
  6. On a happier note than cowbirds, my second bluebird brood started yesterday. Two chicks of the 4 eggs were hatched before dark so I'm sure I have 4 little chicks today. it is amazing how small they are when they first hatch and then how big they will be in 21 days before they fledge. I don't understand how they can grow that fast. A lot of bugs I guess! Praying for rain that should get here by Wednesday. It hasn't rained in central Alabama for 2 weeks.
  7. Every cowbird in existence that you see flying around was born in a nest of another species of bird. Female cowbirds to do not raise little cowbirds. It is part of life but that is why I have so much disdain for cowbirds.
  8. That design has nothing to prevent predators from invading the box at anytime. So I would guess you have a predator that is disrupting your bluebird box and the eggs inside it. I will send you a picture of my design that works pretty well. It was invaded once last year and I still to this day do not know how it happened. Other than the one episode, the box has successfully raised many bluebirds. The design is very easy and cheap. More to come.
  9. How do you have your bluebird box mounted? Do you have a predator baffle to keep all things other than birds out? Sounds like you have something other than a bird getting into the box. A flying squirrel is notorious for entering bluebird boxes. When I used to have my bluebird box mounted to a tree, I had the same problems and never successfully raised chicks. Look at your design.
  10. Glad you got rid of that cowbird egg! Way to go!
  11. I got 4 new bluebird eggs a few days ago for the second clutch of the year. So between May 8th and May 19th, my female built a new nest (in 2 days) and they got a new clutch of eggs started. The weather is so warm that she is not sitting on the eggs so she has more time to eat suet at my suet feeder. The mail is still training the babies from the first brood. They are wearing him out! With this pace, I may see 4 broods in one season which is a record for me. Just hope mr. raccoon doesn't figure out how to get past my baffle this year like last year!
  12. https://www.animaltrapsandsupplies.com/products/tomahawk-501-sparrow-trap-24x12x8.html
  13. They are more than likely feeding their chicks with the meal worms. See if it continues later into the Summer. Hopefully It will stop but since they are opportunistic feeders, it may not stop. I don’t know if you want to go to the trouble of trapping them and removing them but I think there are house sparrow traps online. Sorry this is happening. They are destructive birds in many ways.
  14. Did not see a single Grosbeak this migrations season. Perhaps I will see one this fall on the way back down. 😢
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