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  1. Late fall and early winter has been lower activity than last year for me. Mostly resident birds with a few visitors. Not as many juncos. No goldfinches. No siskins. Some warblers and chipping sparrows but my migratory visitors are definitely down so far this winter.
  2. Bluebirds are great! Glad you figured it out rather than giving up!
  3. Good activity in the backyard today. Cardinal, brown-headed nuthatch, white-breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, eastern bluebird, titmouse, chickadee, pine warbler, juncos, goldfinches, housefinches
  4. Nothing new and remarkable in the last couple of weeks. Mostly resident birds still. Got my fingers crossed to see something interesting. 🐦
  5. Still waiting on the rest of the November guests to show up at my property. The seem to be running late this year. After seeing the few juncos fly away last week, I have not seen them again. Looking for the American Goldfinches. It is about time for them to show up at my house.
  6. That is a very cool bird. The Harris's Sparrow. They are large like an Eastern Towhee and only come to your part of Texas in the Winter. I have never seen one but I would like to one day.
  7. Cold front last night brought in two new species this morning around my feeders. I have a female purple finch (maybe the same one I had last year?) and a handful of Juncos showed up. It got down to 14 degrees in North Alabama last night. Warming up over the next few days.
  8. eBird is showing that most all of the fall/winter species that we have mentioned have been sighted in late October and this month here in the South including: Juncos, chipping sparrows, pine siskins, kinglets, YR warblers. I have not seen one of these birds on my property yet so I think these sightings are at well established songbird locations by people that have time to watch for birds all day. Ha ha! The good news is... They are coming!
  9. I get Kinglets some years too. I didn't see one last year but I have had years where I have seen quite a few. Nifty little bird.
  10. Well I hate to sound like a broken record but still no juncos, white-throated sparrows or goldfinches so far this migration season here in the deep south. I would expect to start seeing some of these species within the next few days to few weeks. I'll keep you posted. I put out some extra BOSS in a few places on the back of the house.
  11. I have not seen a junco yet. Usually they show up at my house the first of November or very end of October. I will keep a look out. This very cold weather we have moving in this weekend should help spur the migration.
  12. Activity is picking up. I'm starting to get more woodpeckers, blue jays, nuthatches, etc. Temperature dropping is helping me get more visitors!
  13. I went back and looked at the Fall Migration topic from last year and it looks like we had Juncos showing up during the 3rd week of October down here in the South. That would be next week so something tells me that the birds are potentially going to be a little later this year than last year. We will see. We finally got out of the 90s. Hummingbirds are still around some so I think we are are week or two behind compared to last year. What do you think at your place?
  14. I would not think that a Cooper's Hawk would affect your squirrel population at all. I have red-shouldered hawks that eat squirrels and chipmunks for a living and I have way too many of them. I would give them all to you if I could. Cooper's will eat a chipmunk but they target birds almost exclusively for their diet. There may be a chance that your Jays are weary of the hawk because they tend to be very intelligent but I do not think a Cooper's would displace an entire group of Jays. More than likely it is a seasonal change or transition and when colder weather gets back you should see them coming back to your food. Most of my activity stopped about a month ago so I stopped putting out as much food until we get through this end of summer transition. I've been keeping suet and water out for my residents and I plan to put out more seed when we starting getting cooler weather. That's my take on your situation. It is very similar to what I have seen in my back yard.
  15. Thanks for starting the Fall Migration topic. My feeders have been almost dormant for a month with only a few of my resident tit mice, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, house finches and crows stopping by for suet or water. Cold air is predicted to come in on Sunday night bringing some cooler temps and rain showers for the Southeast. It hasn't rained at my house in 3 weeks. The high today is supposed to be 96 degrees which will be a new record so we are all excited about getting this dry high pressure system out of here! Look for the rose-breasted grosbeaks this month headed back to South America. They go back much faster than during the Spring migration so you do not see many but I have seen them before headed back down. The indigo buntings are headed back down this month too. I will be getting ready for some of the juncos and other northern birds that head down here for the winter. Right now, I would just like to see Fall! 😓
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