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  1. Usually egg laying is over by August. The latest I have seen new eggs in a nest was the first week of August and that happened only one time and I think it might have even been a mistake by the bluebird pair. Ironically, the eggs hatched and the chicks fledged the nest. This happened about 5 years ago at my parent's house in North Alabama. If they start in March with the first brood, you can sometimes get 3 broods in one year. The one I'm talking about at my parents house was actually 4 broods that year. That is the only time that I have seen or heard of 4 successful broods in one season.
  2. I went from zero hummingbirds in May and June to having probably 4 or 5 now that we are starting August. I am pretty sure that my problem was that my sugar water was not kept fresh enough. It is really important to change it out at least once a week. When it is really hot maybe even once every 5 days. Most of you may have already known this but I wanted to pass it along just in case.
  3. My bluebird pair gave up just after 2 broods. I'm not sure why they gave up and didn't try a 3rd brood unless it was the heat or the fact that something got into my box, past the baffle, and took my two fledglings from the second brood. When this happens, the pair will sometimes not try any more broods in a box where a predator has been successful. I'm hoping that it is just the heat because if it is a predator problem, I'm not sure how I will fix the issue for next year. What I might do is put up another box with a predator baffle on the property that offers a little more shade. Nothing else left to do this summer except try to stay cool and get ready for Fall Migration which will start in September. Maybe I will catch a rose-breasted grosbeak on the way back through headed back to Central America. I did see one two years ago during the fall migration. My hummingbird issue is better. I at least have 3 or 4 hummers now compared to none during June.
  4. I think my bluebird pair maybe done for the year. The box has been empty since June 25 with no signs of activity. I'm wondering now if something else happened to my last two babies other than them fledging? It seemed like it was an early fledge but there was no sign of foul play in or around the box.
  5. Something is definitely going on this year. https://help.ebird.org/customer/portal/questions/17337762-hummingbirds-have-disappeared
  6. I cleaned out the bluebird box so let's see if she builds another nest. I have not seen her, the babies or the male in the last few days.
  7. I have been talking to many different people that feed hummingbirds each year and every one of them have indicated that the number of hummingbirds is down significantly this year. That is very interesting to me. I heard somewhere that there was a theory that pesticide use (mosquito spraying in towns) is higher than normal and that this might be having an effect on the butterfly population, overall insect population and possibly even hummingbird population. There may be nothing at all to this idea but still makes me wonder what is different because my hummingbird numbers are the lowest that I have seen since I have been putting out feeders. I will do some research on the internet and see if I can see any theories on population variability. Seems like we had a lot of hummers last year?
  8. Well... 2 more bluebird babies have fledged now! That is 7 babies so far this year. I will wash out the box this afternoon and see if she starts building another nest in the box. The babies must have flown out Saturday morning because she was feeding them on Friday.
  9. Good Topic for conversation - I only have one feeder out because I was getting raided this spring by squirrels. Between the hawks and my BB gun, I have been able to keep squirrels off the one feeder. I'm going through 2-3 lbs of sunflower seeds per day as well as a suet cake about every 3 days. Almost all of my birds are resident birds this time of year and they are of the same variety that you listed. I was getting some blue Jays on my suet cakes for a while but I have not noticed them as much lately. My bluebird mother is using the suet cake for her meals while she is feeding insects to the 2 chicks in the bluebird box. The number of hummingbirds at my house this summer has been way down for some reason. Hot weather has not set in yet so it will be interesting to see if there are any changes as we move into the intense heat of the summer.
  10. The two chicks that hatched are growing fast. They have doubled in size since June 5. Never saw a trace of the two eggs the female removed last week.
  11. The female figured out how to remove the two unhatched eggs without me helping. Now you tell me how she removed those eggs? Did she eat them? She certainly didn’t remove them whole! What happened? 🧐
  12. I forgot that you said earlier in the year that you have HOSP around your property. There is a chance that a HOSP is getting in the box and pecking at the eggs? Have you seen any HOSP go into the box?
  13. I have a question now that is outside my expertise about my situation. I thought that all 4 eggs were going to hatch on my second brood but 2 eggs have hatched and 2 eggs have not hatched. It has been 4 days since the first 2 babies hatched so how long should I wait before removing the 2 eggs if they never hatch? Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm sorry... I will make a point of sending you a photo of my set up that is more predator proof. Something is getting into you box and destroying the eggs. Don't give up yet. I keep forgetting to send you the photo of my set up that has worked well. Chaseman has a very good set up too with three boxes so his bluebirds have the luxury of having a choice of which box they want. Maybe he can post a photo the next time he is on here?
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