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  1. It has been a while since anyone has posted on this forum so I wanted to break the silence even if my information is not that exciting to share. The Pine Siskins that showed up at my house on November 8th are still at me feeders pretty much every day. I am going through a standard size nyjer feeder full of nyjer seed about once every 4 days. I am going through a 1 gallon hopper style BOSS feeder about once every 2-3 days so these siskins are starting to weigh in on my pocket book! I did notice a price increase on BOSS at Tractor supply. From 18 bucks for a 40 lb bag to 23 bucks so ther
  2. Welcome to the group! I had a catbird that would eat suet when I used to live in PA.
  3. That Spotted Towhee sure is a handsome bird! Did not know this bird existed! Did not know the Varied Thrush existed either!
  4. I will post my list soon... haven't had 15 minutes to watch birds lately! ☹️
  5. I like this as an idea. Maybe we can all do this. See how many different species we can count in a 15 minute period on our property. My number would be much lower I am guessing.
  6. I would like to come and visit your back yard. Especially if you live on the water!
  7. I know winter is coming.. .The dark eyed juncos showed up on the ground under my feeder station this morning. They have been in the area for several weeks but now that they have made an appearance, I can expect to see some other winter species. This is the first time ever that Pine Siskins have shown up before Juncos but it is just a different kind of year! It's 2020 after all! Now waiting to see all my goldfinches, white-throated sparrows, chipping sparrows, etc. and more! I'm looking forward to seeing my winter friends.
  8. Might as well mention if you are going to put out BOSS and suet to go ahead and hang a watering dish container or bird bath. That brings in even more birds when you put all of it out for them. I have some birds that do not even always eat but they sure love the fresh water I put out for them.
  9. I just wanted to pile on here an let everyone know that I just had a ton of them show up here in central alabama at my feeders. I usually don’t get them until January either but here we are at the beginning of November and they are tearing into my nyjer/chipped peanut mix.
  10. You can build a platform feeder like this one with a square piece of plywood, small stove pipe and piece of conduit from Lowe’s for about 25 bucks. This is squirrel and raccoon proof as well. Been using it about 8 years. Need to replace plywood soon. We get every kind of bird you can imagine on it.
  11. Yes... platform feeders require more cleaning and attention but the question was what type of feeder would attract the most birds and allow the most species of birds to eat. The answer is a platform feeder. I've used all types and it is not even close. You have to clean them frequently and put new seed in constantly. That is the drawback.
  12. Based on your question, if you could only have one type of feeder and you would like the one that the most number of species could actually use and be drawn to it would be a platform feeder, hands down... It is not even close. A platform feeder does not restrict any bird since it is open to the air and requires no balance for the bird. Any size bird can use a platform feeder... even a kinglet (small) or an American Crow (large). They make them that hang from a hook or you can build one out of piece of 3/8" plywood. The ones you build will last a few years and then you will replace i
  13. A male and female purple finch showed up at my mom’s home place in north alabama today. First of the season. I’ll see if I can get a picture if they come back to feeder.
  14. There are no Indigo Buntings in California at any time. They make it over to the eastern side of Colorado and New Mexico for breeding during the Summer and then they go back to South America for the winter
  15. I have a Grosbeak Battle Royale going on during the remnants of hurricane delta today. There are 5-6 grosbeaks trying to all fit on one hopper feeder. A lot of squabbling!
  16. Three rose breasted grosbeaks migrating together headed south . Looked like one juvenile male and two females. Could have been three juvenile males.
  17. Still a few Ruby-throats coming through. The temperature is getting down to the upper 40s at night in North Alabama so I am sure that they will be putting it in high gear to get back south in a rush. So far the baffle on my new feeder station is working well. It has been over 2 weeks and all of my seeds and suet have only been eaten by the birds. I have a lot of squirrels and raccoons so i am sure it is being tested quite often.
  18. Go to Walmart or Sporting Goods store and purchase a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. If the cat is on your property terrorizing your animals, you have to right to address the issue with the cats. The BB gun will not kill the cat but it will remind him that he is not welcome on your property. I am a cat lover myself but I do not tolerate outdoor cats that go around killing all the birds. If they are on your property, they are fair game! The other option is to trap the cat in a live trap and haul them off.
  19. Here is my new Fall Migration bird feeding station. Put it up last night.
  20. Perhaps the cardinal recognized the finch as one of his partners in a mixed feeding flock? He may have recognized that the finch was not acting normal so he was investigating what was going on? I don't have any other ideas.
  21. Ha ha! That hummingbird is already pretty fat! I hate to see how big he is going to be when he is at full capacity because he is going to struggle to carry that load across the Gulf!
  22. Yes.. female Summer Tanager. Thanks! I’ve seen these and the red males in my back yard before. I guess I forgot about them since I don’t see them that frequently.
  23. This bird looks too large to be a warbler but maybe it is. It was making a higher pitch clicking sound while it was drinking from my bird bath. Sorry for the iPhone poor photo quality. Central Alabama this morning around 8 am.
  24. Since we will start seeing birds move in the next several months I thought I would create this topic. The Central and South American birds will be getting ready to make their journey back and our northern states and Canadian birds will be showing up here in South as well! I'll be interested to see if I'll get to see a Grosbeak on his way back through and I can't wait to see the Juncos show up in late October early November!
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