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  1. I disagree with everyone that thinks we need to do away with "Backyard birds" . It is the main reason that category had over 17k posts. There are some of us that are not "birders" but love to observe, raise and comment on the birds we have that come to our feeders and bird houses or just simply hang out on our property. There is no need to change the name to do away with "backyard birds". I think that word makes the category more valuable since most of the comments have to do with people observing birds in their backyard or somewhere on their property. Thanks again for allowing us to comment on what we would prefer the future forum to look like.
  2. Mr./ Ms. Administrator.... If you are trying to decide which forum categories to keep versus which ones to toss, can't you just look at the number and frequency of posts from the past? There are 6 categories that have over 10k posts from your screen shot at the top. Help me Identify a Bird Photo Sharing General / Off Topic Discussion Birds and Birding Birding Trips Backyard Birds, Feeders, Food All of these categories have over 10k posts. The next highest in 6k with some categories being under 1k or less. Seems to me you would start with these 6 categories that I have listed and adjust from there.... Thanks for setting this up.
  3. What happened to Backyard Birds, Feeders, etc.? I had some information to share with my group about my bluebirds and I do not see where any of our discussions went? Where do we create new threads in this category?
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