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  1. I read on one of the bird sites that it is possible for a bluebird to produce even 7 eggs but it is very, very rare. Apparently, 6 eggs happens more than we are aware. We'll see if they all hatch and even more importantly, if they all survive and fledge. They have an abundance of food at my Mom's house so that may be the reason for the 6 eggs? The bird house is surrounded by 4-5 acres of country mowed yard that is packed full of grasshoppers, crickets and every other type of grass dwelling insect you can think of. But still, 6 chicks will work the pair to death!
  2. Looks like the ruby-throat migrations has really taken off and these next three days of 80 degree weather here in the deep south is going to really make them surge North! Be ready to see one by the end of the weekend if you live on a latitude line from Eastern Texas to South Carolina! Woo Hoo!
  3. Have any of you ever had 6 eggs before in the nest? This was up at Mom's house in North Alabama. I don't see how a Bluebird pair can feed 6 chicks. 5 works them to death!
  4. Wow!.. That is a lot of money for a bird house! You must really like purple martins~ ?
  5. I guess you get both ruby-throats and black-chinned since you are right on the boundary for both?
  6. https://www.hummingbirdcentral.com/hummingbird-migration-spring-2020-map.htm
  7. I have to be honest and say that I might have heard one bluebird on Sunday but I wasn't listening closely but it sounded like one. So perhaps she came into the area to check the box from a tree limb or snuck past my watchful eye while I was spreading pine straw in my tree beds. She had one or two more eggs to lay so maybe incubation will start today. With luck, perhaps I will see a hatch by the last day of the month? I am very relieved. I thought this season was going to start off on a negative note. Thanks!
  8. About the time that I had given up hope because I have not seen either the male or female in the last 14 days, I see this! Now you tell me how she did this without me seeing or hearing her? I did yard work all weekend and not one sign of a bluebird in my yard! Amazing!
  9. The migration started at the beginning of March but the weather has contributed to a slower pace and scattered migration. We may see this continue because there is a lot of rain forecasted in the Southeast for March. Put out your feeders because they are here! Woo-hoo! ?
  10. Have you tested this bluebird house out yourself Jefferson to see if the bluebirds like it and that it keeps sparrows out?
  11. I was hoping you would respond because you have been watching them for longer than I have. I will watch for either of them some more this weekend but I believe that it is very strange that I have not seen either of them. If I go another full weekend of being outside in the yard without a glimpse of either one of them, I think I may be forced to remove the nest because we have so many bluebirds in our neighborhood that I believe it might encourage another female to build? Or perhaps I will give it another 5-6 days? Thanks for the suggestion and good luck with the hatch!
  12. Update... my female finished the nest a week ago but I haven’t seen her or the male in almost a week. I wonder what I’m the heck happened? Is there a chance that she found a better box in the neighborhood, built a nest in it and started egg laying? If this is possible, how long before I should remove the nest she built to encourage another female to build?
  13. I have 2 new shares both from tonight since I’m staying outside longer with daylight savings time. My first share is something I observed at dusk. There was a bird that was singing his heart out about 30 minutes after sunset and I tracked him down to see what it was. It was a mockingbird and I have never heard such beautiful songs from this species. Has anyone else observed this behavior at this late of day? The other one was as I was relaxing in my hot tub, I heard probably 3-5 hoot owls calling to one another. I’m guessing it is mating season and they are figuring out who all is in the neighborhood? Am I correct?
  14. The rose-breasted grosbeaks and indigo buntings will start appearing this month. Be sure to reply when you see one! Two of my favorites along with hummers of course!
  15. Yes... Your girl is way ahead of mine. Mine stopped adding nesting material right after I sent this picture last week so something interrupted her way of thinking. ... Perhaps there is still competition going on?
  16. My girl started on Tuesday. She is behind your female Chase but I am 4 hours North of you.
  17. I thought I would create a new topic for the Spring nesting season. Sometimes they start putting nest materials in the boxes as early as March so we'll see since it has been a warm winter on the Eastern side of the country.
  18. My goldfinches are still olive in color not showing any bright yellow yet. I typically start noticing the bright yellow feathers in March so still a little early for my area. I've been keeping my suet cakes out so I have a ton of suet eating species including all types of woodpeckers and nuthatches. The bluebirds, warblers (pine) and other insect eaters are using the suet as well. Juncos, chipping sparrows and some white-throated sparrows on the ground with the doves. I have not heard any Pine Siskins so I'm not sure where they went? I had a few back in December. All in all, it has been a decent winter list but not as many as I get when we have a colder winter. I can't wait on Spring with the hummers and rose-breasted grosbeaks. I hope I get to see some grosbeaks this year!
  19. I have received crumbly cakes from C&S and they do not like it as well. Too much variability in their manufacturing process it seems.
  20. Late fall and early winter has been lower activity than last year for me. Mostly resident birds with a few visitors. Not as many juncos. No goldfinches. No siskins. Some warblers and chipping sparrows but my migratory visitors are definitely down so far this winter.
  21. Bluebirds are great! Glad you figured it out rather than giving up!
  22. Good activity in the backyard today. Cardinal, brown-headed nuthatch, white-breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, eastern bluebird, titmouse, chickadee, pine warbler, juncos, goldfinches, housefinches
  23. Nothing new and remarkable in the last couple of weeks. Mostly resident birds still. Got my fingers crossed to see something interesting. ?
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