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  1. There are not very many options. Song Sleuth was the first to market. It works ok but they only have ~200 species that are throughout North America, so it's really only going to work for your most recognized bird songs. I've used it a bit and as you said it's "meh". The new contender is BirdGenie from the same guys who made the Warbler Guide. It has many of the same features as Song Sleuth but has multiple songs/calls for about 100 species so far. With development you'll get more. That said I find it to be a bit buggy, and doesn't respond very well (but that will likely be fixed with updates). The problem is that with bird songs/calls there is variation and/or "dialects" among species. With Shazam you have good success because every time the particular song comes on, it's characteristics are 100% the same, making it a reliable app. Bird songs are not 100% the same every time a bird sings and that variation is incredibly hard to program. Best you can do is get a "likely species" which is why the apps give you a list of what the bird may be. Cool idea, but there is a long way to go in that development.
  2. Also consider head size and tail shape. That’s what made me think Golden at first
  3. I’m looking to confirm this raptor seen 4/4 in Pocatello ID
  4. That's a Bufflehead. Male and female. Not a Mallard.
  5. I don't know if this is too late to help, but I found that if you go to your "iCloud drive" on your computer and literally copy the selected "favorites" file from the Ultimate folder called "favorites" to the Pro file called "favorites" that worked for me. Same thing with the notes files just move them from the Ultimate folder to the Pro folder and everything transfers over fine. In fact, it even changed my "Gray Jay" favorite and note in Ultimate to "Canada Jay" in Pro.
  6. Sadly the Great Black Hawk had to be euthanized ?. Frostbite was too extensive and it wasn't getting any blood flow to its legs. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2060399997369304&id=381894018553252&__xts__[0]=68.ARBCAqppDbvYN7U7zb_4Srefvp6wbGHIVOSveg28oNu5-1aXcgxUvE7SkIXrjsThS47-mmaGTRmQ4JGGgbrsSZdn-e-FTg_ALZ6F3z-aBHVIP4DOI5m6Rbpon56ZLQ2-wHDWsy4go-2PcJANa8zbyXxrnBCrBJ618iSPwHl_cAQEqjVABNOFxafqIS-p2yor7TtQdXV9Ifwc8XGpvlP-a0lfi4VDwou02RozNMh-_eWHnXbK1LXbw9nmuU0WrwS8oeeYEo9hKJ196pnZLI2-A_PArOEIFh2TDeIMXiCxu0EVWPlF6DC8wXXKFnWas8kERb3vb5rQxsX4afQ8PGM-wR7kCA&__tn__=K-R
  7. Yeah, unfortunately it's time has come... It was found on the ground barely alive a couple days ago. Rehabber noted it had frostbite on it's feet and possibly some other issues. We'll see what the fate is, there's a big debate if it recovers if it should be released in Maine, taken south, kept in a zoo/wildlife park, or euthanized. We'll see how it plays out. Bummer deal, but it lasted a LOT longer than expected here and this wasn't the first cold snap it went through. https://www.wmtw.com/article/maines-cold-climate-proves-too-much-for-rare-hawk/25979374
  8. I should note here that the Great Black Hawk is still around (now up in Portland, ME). It has also been confirmed as the same bird that was first seen in S. Padre Island Texas!
  9. Saw this hummer at the SD Zoo today. I got a flash of pink in the gorget. Photo sleuth is calling it a Broad-tailed but I’m skeptical as it’s out of range. Any thoughts?
  10. I think it's good for a Red-shouldered. Location is always useful especially as hawk migration is underway.
  11. I’ll give a suggestion, my thought is Pectoral Sandpiper.
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