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  1. Thank you. Have not seen enough young hawks to be sure of identification.
  2. Heard this hawk making noise and finally located him top of very very high pine tree in Columbia, SC. Coopers maybe? Hope pic works! Thank you.
  3. Thank you for response! Painted bunting exciting! Heard they here in Columbia area. hope to get the male! Thought the bills might be crossbills.
  4. Meant to say I am in Columbia SC kinda out of crossbills area, but maybe?
  5. These birds have been at feeder within last week. Thought at first they were more finches, but then I noticed bills and size. What is the greenish bird?. I am in Columbia SC which maybe a stopping off point for the North? Greenish bird is also a question?
  6. Hey, Think that is right. Did not think to look in the sparrow section. Was looking in warbler and kinglet area. Thank you. Also was thinking it looked large for sparrow. White Throated Sparrow, however is also different for my feeder!
  7. Hello, Have seen this bird at my feeder a few days now in Columbia SC. First day I could capture a picture. After searching I think it might be a Golden - Crowned Kinglet. Need the experts! Would be exciting as it is different! Thank you. elegant
  8. Thought it was a goldfinch, but the house finch looked different. Have never seen one with colorful feather on backside. Thank you for prompt response.
  9. Hello, Taken in Columbia, SC. Think they are finches, but they look different than our Maine birds. First 2 same bird, and next 3 are of another. Thank you.
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