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  1. Not sure we've seen this fellow before. Juvenile White Crowned? Brown rather than black bold stripes on head. Pink legs and feet, brown beak. Thank you!
  2. Apologies in advance - we're doing FeederWatch and hadn't seen this bird yet this year. Any help appreciated.
  3. Thank you. Here the hawk is after going down for a rodent:
  4. First time I have seen this hawk, he was sitting on one of our feeders, then up to an ash tree, then a casual attempt at a rodent, then back to the tree then gone. We are 30 miles south of Rochester NY. Striking bird, small hawk size 12-14"? Thank you for your help as always. Best, Nic
  5. Some photos of the bird this morning, getting run off the jelly feeder.
  6. We have had about 10 Baltimore Orioles come to our feeding station (20 miles south of Rochester NY) in the past week. This bird is smaller than the other orioles, its orange breast coloring is quite dark - rusty, and it gets run off the jelly feeder by the Baltimore Orioles. Mostly black back with white stripes but orange on the rump. Thanks Whatbirders!
  7. Here are somewhat clearer photos of the Clay-colored Sparrow. Thanks for the identification..
  8. She's been good at spotting new birds at our feeder. I didn't see this bird but am told it had a yellowish beak and a faint whitish stripe down the top of its crown. We're 20 miles south of Rochester NY, our feeding station has a lot of White Capped Sparrows, House Sparrows, Goldfinches, Orioles, and Red Winged Blackbirds these days. Thanks in advance.
  9. Are the White-crowned Sparrows in the process of migrating north to Canada? Our Audubon Field Guide has their summer range way up north.
  10. She and her 8 year old brother are into it. What a joy. Pretty cool to be able to notice a new bird and be correct - sparrows just look like....birds...to most folks. : )
  11. Our 4 year old said - NEW BIRD when she saw two of these birds this morning. We are 20 miles south of Rochester NY. Thanks in advance!
  12. 20 miles south of Rochester, bright yellow small markings either side of the beak.
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