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  1. Thank you. Yes, we had these at our home feeder for last year's FeederWatch but I had forgotten their appearance. Funny - as I'm writing this there is a Song Sparrow at our home feeder for the first time this season. As if I was followed home... : )
  2. This friend kept looking in my work window today. Any help with identification would be appreciated! Thanks for taking a look.
  3. Immature Cooper's Hawk photo in your link Charlie looks like an exact match. Thank you.
  4. White rump, hunting and chasing a blue jay in tight quarters, very agile. Blue Jay escaped.
  5. Any help appreciated - 30 miles south of Rochester, at our feeding station, feeding from the ground. Elusive hopper.
  6. 30 miles south of Rochester NY, at a feeder with sunflower seeds. Seemed like an immature flyer. Noticeable yellow tinge to the underside. A bit larger than a mature house sparrow. Thanks as always!
  7. Immature bluebird was my wife's first thought. Said, 'no way it's a cedar waxwing - wrong shape.'
  8. My almost 6-year-old bird-watching daughter saw this new-to-us bird today. She said it was acting territorial at the water, spreading its wings out when a house sparrow came over (seen flying away in top picture). The bird was larger than an adult house sparrow. There was an impression of some hint of blue-grey under the wing and on the back. It had subtle brownish-red streaks on the breast. As always your help is much appreciated!
  9. Not sure we've seen this fellow before. Juvenile White Crowned? Brown rather than black bold stripes on head. Pink legs and feet, brown beak. Thank you!
  10. Apologies in advance - we're doing FeederWatch and hadn't seen this bird yet this year. Any help appreciated.
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