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  1. Thanks for the input I will try to get the photos as soon as possible i also forgot to mention in my last post the clear white eye ring
  2. I have seen many black headed gnatcatchers and this is definitely not one so I would go with black tailed if I were you
  3. My vote goes to a harrier Because of the first photos were you can see the owl like disc on the front of face
  4. I saw this small warbler in early March in a small feild in southern Maine I did take pictures but the SD card in my camera will for some reason not offload photos it had a brown/gray back yellow on head and breast with no orange I would ID as a northern Parula back early but need more I put on a parulas behavior before I can be sure thanks i will try to get the photos as soon as I can
  5. White crowned sparrow female my example
  6. Nivalis

    Tree swallow

  7. Nivalis

    Dark eye junco

    Seen in toas New Mexico
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