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  1. birds 1 and 3 are ruby crowned kinglets. bird 2 I think is a song sparrow. and birds 4 are both swamp sparrows.
  2. see i agree with @akandula but disagree that you all should agree to agree with him
  3. 1-3 not sure 4 is a Swamp Sparrow 5 is a female Mallard I believe and yes 6 is a Carolina wren
  4. agree with palm warbler, nice picture
  5. although rare I would say Neotropic, Note that there are feathers between the bill and the eye which is a distinguishing factor between the two, but wait for more opinions
  6. i am sorry wrong picture here is the correct one
  7. I think you might have to let this one go because as far as i can tell from the picture and my knowing there is no way to ID this bird without further photos and probably a song description or recording. this comparison shows how close in appearance these two species really are picture via "all about birds"
  8. most likely based on your location is a great crested with some faded yellow its breast, but if i was not paying attention to location this would to me appear to be an Ash-Throuted a comparison is shown here, notice how the great crested has some brighter yellow and no whit wing marks, witch your bird does have. i believe we can rule out an empidonax by the clear yellow wash on underparts and redness of tail and wing feathers.
  9. I actually do think this is a chat i think that some of the blades of grass are making the beak appear more curved than it actually is, every other feature checks out for a chat the yellow coloration on the breast the location and the size and shape..
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