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  1. I am a little late but mine was a brown crested flycatcher
  2. Good point when I first looked I though it might be the hybrid but it didn’t look quite right, this makes way more sense
  3. Hard to tell my guess would be Canada geese but wait for experts
  4. I’ve got 346 so far still got a few days to go😉
  5. It appears to me that your guess would be right but wait for experts
  6. Probably house although I have had a really hard time seeing the difference between the two
  7. To me this appears to be a Slaty-backed because like you mentioned it has a lighter ear muff and lighter underparts this is a picture of a hybrid and you can see the difference although the last picture appears to be different than the previous birds and better resembles the hybrid but that might be because of the lighting in the particular shot
  8. Supper cool I will keep that in mind thanks
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