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  1. 1 not sure 2 yes 3 not sure 4 yes 5 yes 6 maybe
  2. I'll go find that thank you!
  3. Have not successfully tried this but I believe I considered it but could not find an actual email address to send anything to.
  4. That is part of the problem is that i used to get emails and some of the time they were not the nicest of emails they still helped get my bird confirmed but at this point i just don't get them from this particular reviewer anymore which has made me expect all reviewers to be unkind and not helpful therefore negatively impacted my view of the way ebird categorizes and critiques sightings.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird! Orange-crowned warbler!
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! To upload a picture you have to click "choose files..." at the bottom of your screen when writing a post, then pick what you want and wait for it to upload. A green tailed towhee would certainly be an exciting find, hard to tell with just a description though, did you happen to see there bills at all? the picture certainly would be helpful good luck figuring out how to upload it!
  7. In the last year and a half I would say 2 birds (a Worm-eating warbler and a Pacific Loon both with either a picture or an audio recording) that were not seen by somebody else previously, if you count birds seen by other people before us I would say about 6, I have not gotten a reply for any of these species, they have not been confirmed, but other sightings of loon after we saw it have been confirmed by the same reviewer.
  8. Mostly just telling a story here but basically the ebird reviewer for my county (Cumberland Maine) is a real Grumpy guy named Lewis who ever since last the summer before last when we submitted a sighting of a Yellow Crowned night heron (witch someone had seen near by just the day before and successfully gotten there sighting confirmed without photos) he has basically just told us every rare bird we see just is not there, like the emails he sends don't really explain why he just says that it is not possible, even for mild rarities (like a worm eating warbler). Now he has just stoped emailing us, we have not had a rare sighting recently but the last sighting we did have (an Eastern Screech owl) he just, 1: did not confirm the sighting, and 2: did not email us about it, this was almost a month ago now and I know reviewers can get backed up but he has never been backed up this much before and he seems to be confirming other rarities in the area. Wondering if he is aloud to do this? I personally feel like I have been black listed for standing up for the rarities I see instead of just changing them as soon as I get an email, he has been right and I have made mistakes, but he does not seem to ever accept the possibility that I am right and so has stoped replying.
  9. I saw a Horned grebe today, Definitely my favorite of the day You don't get to see them much here in southern Maine and it was a nice surprise No picture though
  10. I would agree with female Baltimore Oriole
  11. Fair point on the sizing just seemed odd to me to be considering a Pipit and a Wilson's for the same bird, Cool! on the photos I had thought they only ever stayed in the security of shrubs and thickets, learn something new every day I guess.
  12. Wilsons is a good idea although this bird seems a little large for that don't you think? It also was in the middle of a lawn and I have only ever seen Wilson's warblers deep in thickets and certainly not out in the open.
  13. I was thinking Orange Crowned (picture via ebird) on this one, because of the general lack of any darker coloration on the wings and lack of streaking on the breast, It also appears to be a mate yellow/olive color witch helps point towards orange crowned not Pipit, bill does not look right for a Pipit.
  14. I would say dark morph Rough-legged on this one, note the thick dark band on the end of tail witch Harlan's would not have. also note in the first picture the underside of the primaries and secondaries have a more solid white coloring where a Harlan's would have some noticeable brown markings
  15. Agree with Tundra ( part of the small population with no yellow on bill) the reason for this being it would be too much of a rarity for it to be trumpeter.
  16. 1 not sure, yellow eyes support herring but smaller bill supports thayer's. 2 Thayer's 3 Thayer's 4 Thayer's 5 California 6 California, note the larger scapulars and how they are darker then they would be on a ring billed. You also can see a relatively large bill that would be shorter on a ring billed.
  17. birds 1 and 3 are ruby crowned kinglets. bird 2 I think is a song sparrow. and birds 4 are both swamp sparrows.
  18. see i agree with @akandula but disagree that you all should agree to agree with him
  19. 1-3 not sure 4 is a Swamp Sparrow 5 is a female Mallard I believe and yes 6 is a Carolina wren
  20. agree with palm warbler, nice picture
  21. although rare I would say Neotropic, Note that there are feathers between the bill and the eye which is a distinguishing factor between the two, but wait for more opinions
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