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  1. I think it's a mix of fog making the feathers damp and some molting. Seems to be healthy to me!:)
  2. Top right bird is definitely loon. I can't really see cormorant for the left bird though, Seems to be sitting pretty high on the water and bill does not look right at all.
  3. Looks like a house wren to me, for the reasons stated by @Ed hogg
  4. Black-wiskered Vireo in may in Florida was my favorite recent lifer, Super fun bird to watch and ID.
  5. Interesting proposal, pale iris is a fair point, a Ferruginous would be quite the find. definitely not sure...
  6. How do we know we don't have a Snake eagle friend from over there in Africa.... 🤨 🤣
  7. Well Definitely not a Peregrine, Coopers hawk or Brown eagle. I would tend to agree with adult dark morph Swainson's hawk. Wait for more opinions! I have already messed up one ID today....
  8. Trying to take a nice picture of a Black-necked Stilt... Tricolor came out of nowhere I swear, It may look like I was trying to take a picture of both, but seconds before there was no tricolor, came running over right as I took the picture, must of seen something really tasty...
  9. Lol same (shhhhh, they are gonna figure out we have no idea what we are talking about half the time)
  10. Agree with 'tern sp.' Pretty sure it is not an Arctic though because this bird appears to have an all black cap (running from the back of the head to around the base of the bill) as well as a black beak which would rule out an Arctic (breeding adults have red beaks and non-breeding adults have about half a cap).
  11. Listen to@Quiscalus quiscula@Birding Boy! (They usually know what they are talking about more than I do) I have never seen a Baird's before, Jealous!
  12. They look like sanderlings to me on a quick glance? Not sure if they are around up there or not. will look into it harder this afternoon after school if someone more sure does not come along before then!
  13. Northern Harrier! @wskypilotWelcome to Whatbird! Super cool bird.
  14. @AtlRob why do I have like that exact picture... of the same bird species (Red-shouldered hawk) also from Georgia... from around this time last year... I would show y'all but its on my camera at my dads house:(
  15. Pulled them out of my backpack at school one day during lunch... I earned quite the reputation for that one. Got a great look at a Magnolia warbler though so it was worth it!
  16. Red-tails confuse me profoundly... But I agree that this is one
  17. Agree with Yellowlegs, But why greater? Bills seem wrong for Dowtichers...? Also head and back patterning are distinctive to a yellowlegs
  18. Never assume a the identity of a bird! If you right a bird off at first sight you might miss something important. I still look at every herring gull, purely because Western gulls exist.
  19. Based on the fact that this bird appears in my opinion to be in adult plumage while also having what looks like black on the tip of a relatively small bill, I would say ringer. Also shape seems off to me for a herring. We have lots of them up here in Maine so I have seen tons and tons and this bird did not strike me as a herring when I first saw it.
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