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  1. bird one struck me initially as a house sparrow
  2. also maybe consider a Carolina wren but i think the coloration on the tail is wrong for them
  3. I was thinking maybe a marsh wren but i believe that is rare for you area right now so wait for more opinions.
  4. Im sorry but i just cant see this bird as a pine warbler the bright yellow extends bellow the breast plus the head and neck have almost no yellow on them I also see no eye ring.
  5. looks good for a Juvenile Tropical Mockingbird to me but wait for experts
  6. Green jay, Western tanager Delaware, Worm Eating warbler Maine, Little gull Maine
  7. Great to hear always good to have a few new birders around.
  8. third for Swainson's Thrush
  9. I think so although not the most common bird
  10. I guess I could see that but I still thing this bird is a cali
  11. agree with Indigo bunting, nice find👍
  12. also very rare but thinking about sage thrasher
  13. wondering about sagebrush sparrow, doesn't really sound perfect but kind of close
  14. I was wondering about a Cassin's finch, i did not see or hear any other solitaires in the area so I would be surprised if it was one, any other thoughts?
  15. agree with Warbling Vireo
  16. I would go for California I see about 30 herring gulls every day and this bird would definitely have caught my attention if i had seen it, mainly because of smaller head size and because the bill is yellow while a juvenile herring gulls bill would be black.
  17. I Agree with a female cardinal probably has feather mights or was missing something in its diet when its feathers came in
  18. I was thinking Great crested flycatcher mainly because of the shape of the bird, and the red bill and yellow breast.
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