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  1. I love Inca doves I once was driving down the road in Texas and i had been searching for them all day with no success when a bird dared across the road in front of me and landed on the ground beside the road so I stoped to take a look, and it was my Inca dove, I will never forget that because I have never seen the again and it was complete chance that he chose to fly across the road right as I was driving by.

    also amazing photos👍

  2. 13 hours ago, HamRHead said:

    What we need at this difficult time is an enormous super secret underground bunker full of hackers who have traded their hoodies and ski masks for floppy birders hats, and who have committed their collective energies to once and for all resolving the glitches, crashes, hiccups, and general frustrations of the Whatbird Forum, not to mention the altogether inexcusable and arbitrary, if not punitive, limit on reactions!

    I second that down to the floppy birders hats

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  3. my personal 

    2 hours ago, MerMaeve said:

    They are the BEST!!  What's ur fav in the series? Mine is Halt's Peril, but I am currently reading Emperor of Nihon-Ja so I'm not done with the series.  I read Halt's Peril in about 36 hours including about 16 hrs of sleeping, that's how good it was!  Now I want a Ranger Cloak! LOL

    my personal favorite has to be "the battle for skandia" just because i love the Scandinavians in general and i think they are pretty funny. but i also really like "battle for hackham heath" and "sorcerer of the north"

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