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  1. 1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

    Nothing about the bird's shape (bill, head) suggests Pyrrhuloxia to me. I suggest that it is an old female that, with the reduction of female hormones, is now expressing male plumage features, a well-known phenomenon. Unlike humans and all (?) mammals, the default sex of birds is male -- that is, male is the homozygous sex, while female is the heterozygous sex. In female birds, hormones suppress male plumage features, so with the reduction in amount of female hormone levels as individual birds age, they can -- and frequently do -- begin expressing those male plumage features.

    Good point when I first looked I though it might be the hybrid but it didn’t look quite right, this makes way more sense 

  2. To me this appears to be a Slaty-backed because like you mentioned it has a lighter ear muff and lighter underparts this is a picture of a hybrid and you can see the difference 


    although the last picture appears to be different than the previous birds and better resembles the hybrid but that might be because of the lighting in the particular shot

  3. 9 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

    Actually domesticating something does change its plumage - or fur, or whatever. A key aspect of - and resulting from - domestication is changing genes in the animal that is domesticated. Various traits are selected for in the domestication process, and selecting for these traits just so happens to impact various other traits which are genetically linked. For example, when you domesticate red foxes, after a few generations many of them are pied black and white, even though there is no selective pressure acting directly upon color, color is linked to other traits which are selected for.

    Supper cool I will keep that in mind thanks 

  4. I traveled across the USA this year and saw 308 species I first drove to wisconsin then to Florida and afterwards over to New Mexico and right now I am going back to Florida to look for parrots.  here are some of my best pics


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