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  1. On 12/8/2019 at 7:57 AM, HamRHead said:

    Bummer! You really need an underwater camera for Greater Scaup! The only time they surface is by accident, and then only if no birders are present :classic_blink:. Your best bet for seeing one is to lose the floppy birders hat. Then dress up like Jack Nicklaus, Serena Williams, or Waldo. If all else fails, try spandex.


  2. On 12/25/2019 at 2:45 PM, birdbrain22 said:



    Not saying anything about this particular bird ID since we do not have much to go on. Just stating that Brown Pelican should not be thrown out based on location alone as there have been many sightings in the general area in NOV/DEC of this year alone and more if you zoom out to include the NJ coast(not that far from Rockaway as the Pelican flies)


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