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  1. seen Portland Maine today may 9th

    unsure on this bird have any ideas on other options

    Medium sized bird slightly smaller than a herring gull, body and wings were solid gray-brown with darker almost black color on top of wings, very clear white crescent on outer wing. Flying low over the water near group of nesting cormorants, did not see any harassment of cormorants but was not seen for a very long amount of time. Distinguished from juvenile herring gull by obvious white on end of wings and a less pointed wing shape, also was smaller than a herring gull.  Distinguished from a Pomeranian Jager by shorter tail and wider wings. Was to big for a laughing gull and to small for a greater black-backed gull. I decided towards a south polar skua over a great skua because of the time of year and the darker coloration overall with no buff coloring anywhere I could see.

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