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  1. The wing and body shape are correct for a yellowlegs, but the question is witch one, unsure on bill size I cant tell from this picture if the bill is longer than the head but it does appear to be slightly upturned witch would point towards a greater yellowlegs. wait for experts.

  2. These birds were in the ocean during a storm hanging out in a cove, white with slate gray backs and black heads with big white eye rings and red bills, a slight pinkish tinge on the bellies, and long wings that stuck out behind them when swimming I was wondering if a laughing gulls ever get a pinkish tinge on there bellies because they would be much more common seeing as I am in Maine.

    sorry for no picture.


  3. 3 hours ago, akandula said:

    @Nivalis, I just wanted to tell you that Chukars are just game birds that don't have a successful wild population in Maine. They're not ABA countable. You can count it on your own list but please don't put it on eBird.


    I know, I was just excited because I had never seen one before and never thought I would see one right by my house

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  4. On 1/31/2019 at 1:41 PM, TooFly said:

    If you’re talking about the smaller birds on top of the rock, and not the full 🤔😒 Then I like surfboards based on your additional deaceiption and their distinguishable attributes.

    surfboard? I thought we were talking about birds, but if surfing is your thing than, don’t let me stop you. Also surfboards do have many attributes notably that They like water and that they have fins, meaning they are more closely related to a fish than a bird.

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