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  1. 1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

    It's a scaup, certainly. However, identifying a scaup from a single, relatively poor photo is quite "dangerous." Is the bird or has the bird been diving? What does the head shape look like two seconds earlier or two seconds later? I would leave it unidentified, though I actually think that it's a Lesser. Greater Scaup is nearly the same size as Redhead, and this bird looks noticeably smaller.

    I think this is the proper way to look at this one just because of the fact that there is only one photo and it is not great quality, I would just leave it as greater/lesser scaup

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  2. 2 hours ago, Melierax said:

    That's definitely what I've been thinking as well. I just ran out, and I counted up how many I had within the past 24 hours... I used 10. Maybe the limit is 10?

    not sure, it might possibly be 10, i also wonder if maybe using a reaction other than a like is worth more, like laughing at something is worth two likes or something

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  3. ok I think I  may have figured out the likes guys, so I think that each like is on its own 24 hour cycle, so if you liked someones post at 9am(using just one like) then used no more likes for for a while and used the rest(14) of them at 7 30pm you would have no likes in till 9am the next morning at witch point you would get back the single like you used yesterday morning.

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  4. Well it is hard to see in picture because of lighting but the bird was very scraggly and the throught was a very contrasting and bright as was the head. I think it may be that I am used to seeing them have such striking colors, up here in Maine they are very dull with less distinct coloration, it may just be the light as well.

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