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  1. Today at Mt Trashmore VA. Is it a Magnolia Warbler?
  2. Today at Mt Trashmore VA I am leaning Yellow-bellied sapsucker
  3. Today at Mt Trashmore, VA. A Sparrow but can not tell which one.
  4. Taken a few years ago, not sure what it is. Shasta mountains area probably summer. Was looking for Townsend’s solitaire, but thought it was most likely Western blue bird.
  5. Yeah I was looking at the range map and saw that. Seems common and abundant winter to spring so we will see....
  6. Think it is a grackle but thought maybe it was a rusty BB Today at Dismal Swamp in VA
  7. Yes it’s black and white. I was responding to your description of markings on the face in particular.
  8. The pics in this post do not match what you just described. The pics match every marking for a rose breasted grosbeak.
  9. Taken today at Stumpy Lake recreation area in Virginia.
  10. Well, my memory card got corrupted or something. So lucky I took a phone pic to send to my brother. Finally got Swainsons Warbler!
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