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  1. Suffolk, Va, May 31. The attached audio has a bird song starting at :06. Merlin sound ID would not pick it up and ID it even though it was close by and heard it several times. Sounds like a warbler and some research the closest would be Yellow or maybe Blackburnian Recording #39.m4a
  2. Thanks! Heard and recorded and were tracking an Orchard Oriole, was not 100% this is what was captured in the photo though.
  3. Today in Suffolk VA. Song sandwiched between the Robin. Recording #29 (1).m4a
  4. Today at Ft Munroe VA and Ragged Island WMA. Some Sandpipers and a Lesser YL I think.
  5. This was July I think 2013 somewhere on the coast of SOCAL. Have an idea of what it may be, would be a lifer so looking for input.
  6. Lone Star Lakes, Suffolk, VA 5/7/22 Think I have a Semipalmated Sandpiper just would like confirmation. Black legs and straight bill distinguish from Least?
  7. July 2013, Basque del Apache NM. Can this be confirmed as a Crissal? Range fits and long thin decurved bill
  8. This was taken in July a few years back at Sabal Palm Sanctuary in Texas. I never got it confirmed but taking another look and with my field guide I think I can distinguish this as a Couchs. Range fits, thick wide base bill, almost all yellow below, dark mask, and greenish back can be seen. Any objections?
  9. Orange crowned warbler seems to match and are being reported at Back Bay. It had yellow almost entire undersides, then stopped around neck throat area, had broken white eye ring, bill was warbler like.
  10. Back Bay NWR today. I can not find anything that resembles this, requesting some input on what it may be,
  11. Today at Great Dismal Swamp, VA. Should be Blue-headed vireo and I am thinking Rusty BB.
  12. From Pleasure House Point Virginia today. Would like some input on which Sparrows these might be.
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