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  1. Canal trail, Great Dismal Swamp, Chesapeake VA today: Swainsons warbler?
  2. Photo lifer: macgillivrays lifers: green tailed tohee, Amer dipper, Woodhouses, Clarks Nutcracker, Lark Bunting, Cassins finch, and Indigo Bunting
  3. Taken in the Rockies May 21 Any ideas what this could be?
  4. Acadian and Western Wood? Southern Illinois May 22
  5. Pollock pines, CA - American River. May 19. This fits quite well for American Dipper but couldn’t get a good pic.
  6. Grasshopper sparrow. El dorado county CA
  7. ABA 367/World 412/Photos 410 Was out desperately trying to get photo lifer of Macgillivrays Warbler before I leave Cali and found this rarity instead: Tennessee Warbler. Moving from Cali to Virginia next week so should be able to pickup quite a few lifers.
  8. Well, I checked the range and it would be. I am in shock because I never find these rare/uncommon birds, I am always chasing others reports. There are a few historical reports on e-bird but none at this birding location. So stoked!
  9. Yolo bypass, CA Some poor photos. Can not tell what this is.
  10. April 29, Yolo Wildlife Area, CA Bill seems long but is not upturned.
  11. I have been working on figuring these FC's out as well. This one looks like Dusky to me.
  12. Apr 26, Placerville county Cali 1. huttons vireo? 2. Dusky FC?
  13. Any way this can be confirmed as Chihuahuan? Brownsville in July. And this one on the bottom left, San Diego in July, is it a royal tern?
  14. Going through some old pics. 1. Stilt Sandpiper? 2. Wilsons Plover?
  15. Mietków caspian gull and ferruginous duck?
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