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  1. 1 minute ago, Jill said:

    The photo I submitted shows a small dark brown or black striped bird with white background with a peach coloured face and white patch above the eye.  

    The pics in this post do not match what you just described. The pics match every marking for a rose breasted grosbeak.

  2. From today at Paradise Creek nature park, Portsmouth VA. I went for another attempt to find Wood Thrush and saw some birds together far down the trail, and I thought brown thrasher, but on further look at pic noticed one in front looked different. Resembles the thrush I was looking for.


  3. I know, a terrible pic, but hear me out lol.

    This was in the Great dismal Swamp in VA. The only Empid reported here (except a few random e-bird reports) is the Acadian. The call was a quick two note, like a squeeky toy. Any reason why I can not count this as such?


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