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  1. Slate throated Redstart https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/slate-throated-redstart
  2. I think this is good for an Elegant tern. taken in San Diego in July.
  3. I had this ID'd as a Mew gull but not certain. Cant remember what month, but was off humboldt Bay.
  4. July Salton Sea: 1. Forsters, Common, or Arctic? 2. One of the Dowitchers? 3. A Sandpiper?
  5. This was in Bosque de Apache, New Mexico in July. Could this be ID'd as a Crissal?
  6. Taken in AZ in July, I thought this looked like a female Varied Bunting.
  7. Is this a Bronzed Cowbird? Taken in July in Madera Canyon, AZ.
  8. Sabal Palm TX Long-Billed Thrasher? Brown Thrasher? Couchs Kingbird?
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