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  1. atxrvabyrd

    What Sparrow?

    This is a White-Crowned. the face is quite incorrect for a Field (no complete eye ring, there's a black eye stripe, which is wrong, the crown is divided and too prominent, the face not gray enough). The breast is also faintly streaked, the wing bars are quite distinct and the back doesn't seem to be rufous enough. All that said, this is a beautiful shot in what seem to be rather low light. Well done!
  2. Thank you, egosnell. It's been my first reaction, too. I've just never seen one and really couldn't point to actual features beyond the rather white head, prominence of white on the back and very pale tail with thin barring. Is that generally enough for an ID? I'd love any more reax, too. More "data" is always better. 😉
  3. So, this is just a regular--though pale--RTH, right? I couldn't be looking at a Krider's, could I? This was at the San Jacinto Battleground Park east of Houston this weekend. 004
  4. atxrvabyrd

    Purple Finch confirm

    Thanks y'all!
  5. The angle's bad to judge the upper mandible well, but it seems pretty straight. The color is different from the red of HOFI, the lighter supercillium seems there, as do the indiscinct, fuzzy streaking on the flanks. Houston, TX 1-12-19. DSC00197 DSC00194 DSC00198
  6. atxrvabyrd

    Last two from NC

    Thanks everyone. Don't know why Willet didn't occur to us. I wonder, would the Norther Carolina coast be rather outside the expected range for the western variant? The point for accipters' tail feather length will be helpful. If I've come across the note before, I'd forgotten (highly likely).
  7. So the first is a crap shoot (or rather, a rather crappy shot, with an extreme crop).) I'm concerned about the grayish bird in the center of the images at about the two o'clock from the Black Skimmer. There had been a Hudsonian Godwit seen at this site (Pea Island NWR) earlier this week. The bird has a very long, two-toned bill and is very gray overall in contrast to the warmer, more cinnamon-y Hudsonian. I've never seen one and even from this image I can be sure I'm seeing a yellowlegs or something else. The second is an accipiter (also with really extreme cropping). I'm fairly certain this is a Cooper's, but there's something about the eyes that suggest a Sharpie. My shots alternate between the "angry" Coop's look and the bug-eyed, startled look of the Sharpie. It appears to have the "cap" of the Coop's, but I couldn't get a good angle to fully eliminate the "helmet" of the Sharpie. The tail is rounded, though I don't know if that's from wear--I don't know their molting schedules. Thanks ahead for any insight y'all might have. Bird 1 DSC09861 DSC09862 Bird 2 DSC09868 DSC09864
  8. atxrvabyrd

    Ocean Divers

    Don't worry, Charlie. It was one of the first things we did after unpacking! 😄
  9. atxrvabyrd

    Ocean Divers

    Thanks akiley. fingers crossed for a red-throated tomorrow. Actually, I"ll probably be back after our outing with a number of questions. we'll see.
  10. atxrvabyrd

    Black-backed Gull

    Awesome! Thanks much!
  11. atxrvabyrd

    Ocean Divers

    So, forget the Eider idea. That first bird is probably a female Black Scoter, is it?
  12. At Duck, NC. A Lesser would be a lifer and this bird has yellow legs. Am I right thinking that that's a helpful feature separating them from Greaters' pinkish legs? Thank you! DSC09743 DSC09744
  13. At Duck, NC this afternoon. This is a new part of the country for me, so I'm generally insecure on these birds. Thanks for your help ahead of time. The first bird seems to be an Eider, though which is unclear to me (if it's an Eider at all). Lighting was not great, but I think I see the fleshy part on its bill. Of course, it could be anything. DSC09751 DSC09734 This second is a loon. I'm hoping for a red-throated as that would be a lifer, but the darkness around the face might indicate a Common. Didn't see the barring on the back that I'm used to for Commons, though. DSC09752
  14. Thanks for your input everyone. Blackburnian, what are your criteria for BRBB? Is it the general tubby shape? I mean, it definitely occurred to me as well, given the uniform coloring, but the absence of the yellow eye made me doubt myself. I suppose if we're not too picky about whether we're looking at brown or black (and the "quality" of the image makes that a real issue) this could be a female.
  15. Heavy crop from ~200 feet out. In Austin day before T-day. Probably a RWBB, though its general impression feels off. The upper mandible looks longer than the lower; there seems to be a darker facial triangle; there's no discernible epaulet--even through my 8x42 binocs. Don't know what else it could be, though. 003 004