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  1. Hear, hear Spyonabird!! I usually crop, post-process (try to limit it - but still working at getting to be a better photog and maybe, someday, a lens longer than 200mm) and love being out in nature and capturing a moment of what I see. Is it art? Hmmmm... “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams
  2. Juvie Downy gets a handout from parent
  3. While looking for birds, saw this guy fly by and land in the prairie grass... Virginia Ctenucha - DuPage Co., IL
  4. Wuddya lookin at?!?! Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak - DuPage Co.. IL
  5. This Tree Swallow has been reported to the F.B.I. Tree Swallow - DuPage Co., IL
  6. Happened across this bird in open area with buildings in a forest preserve. Chicago, western suburb. Thanks for any help!
  7. Lord Baltimore checks for his chance at a free pizza pie. Baltimore Oriole - DuPage Co., IL OK, I'm done hijacking the thread. TBH, all of my BO posts were pics from the day of, so I couldn't help myself and was laughing as I took them. Plus, I'm having better luck here than trying to help ID bird posts! 🙄 But remember: kevarc started it!
  8. I would agree with the Tanager and House Finch, but think #2 might be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. With that, wait for some others to confirm. Nice Tanager pic!
  9. Horned Grebe (Montrose Harbor, Chicago... the water is really that green)
  10. FREE Pizza you say? 🤣 I'm down!! Female Cardinal. DuPage Co., IL
  11. With the recommendation of others in the flock Blaine confirms, "The stuff works, 12 hours of flapping and still morning fresh!" Yellow Warbler, DuPage Co., IL
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