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  1. A new year and a nice sunset on the frozen marsh...
  2. Hi all, Are these three mallard hybrids (male/female in front and white-chested in center?) Thank you!
  3. I think I see Santa! Happy holidays to all the experts and noobs (me being one ?) alike!
  4. Hermit Thrush (Me and my shadow) Surprised he was still around northern IL, although he was hanging around a fire set by forest preserve maintenance.
  5. Chicago burb, along shore of small lake last Friday. Mergansers (Common and Hooded were with it but left as I approached.) Thank you!
  6. Henrietta musters her composure and prepares for a triple-axel
  7. Northern Cardinal; DuPage Co., IL "I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well-ordered or confused." - Baruch Spinoza
  8. LOL JP48! Or this one... Is it safe to come out yet?? Gobble, gobble, gobble!!
  9. Neat idea Mel! Here's one... was out for a couple of hours today and it was getting late/losing light. I took a shortcut through the woods going back to my truck (had given up on any more birds photos) and ran into this group: Young buck The Doe and the big guy stepped into light It was (any day is) a good day to be out!
  10. Hi Corgi, I usually get on the forum later and don't spend a whole lotta time on most occasions. I don't comment too much but did enjoy your post! G
  11. Seen at same time this morning in Chicago burb. Next to pasture/prairie and small lake. I'm "thinking both are Red-tails, but then again... Thanks!!
  12. Autumn shoreline at Silver Lake, DuPage Co., IL
  13. American Mink - Looked like it was gathering the branches (making a den?). In the second photo he had stopped for a few minutes to scratch his back. ?
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