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  1. One of Illinois many prairies (he says envious of all the mountain/coast pics!) 😉
  2. Maybe Mediterranean Gecko? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_house_gecko
  3. Fermented crab-apple juggling by Gertie's (see above post by TexasCobra) cousin... Waxwing.mp4 Cedar Waxwing; DuPage Co., IL
  4. Seconded @Charlie Spencer!! I've been wrong more times than I can count but have learned immensely from this forum and the people here!
  5. Goose, Duck, Goose Canada Geese and Wood Duck, DuPage Co., IL
  6. Thanks Pigeon and akiley! They were flying together as I did initially see them directly overhead; just took me a bit to focus one them. Any other speculations or thoughts welcome.
  7. Was out hiking today (DuPage Co., IL) and heard geese overhead (typical, so paid little attn.) As they passed I looked up and saw this formation. Surprised, I tried to get some quick shots. First photo a bit o.o.f. and tried to enlarge the second. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Chicago suburb, bushes next to heavily forested area. Not having luck on WhatBird or AllAboutBirds or image searches. Thoughts?
  9. Yeeeesh, if this guy with the camera doesn't stop following me he's gonna get a THRASHIN! Brown Thrasher; DuPage Co., IL
  10. Ummm yep, your tonsils are swollen! Red-eyed Vireos; Kane Co., IL
  11. Earlier today at a local forest preserve overlooking a creek. Not common at this location. Hoping that's a good thing. Bald Eagle; DuPage Co., IL
  12. I just came across this via NPR: North America Has Lost 3 Billion Birds, Scientists Say https://www.npr.org/2019/09/19/762090471/north-america-has-lost-3-billion-birds-scientists-say Revel in every bird you see! Do what you can, For The Birds 🐦
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