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  1. As usual, I stand corrected 😣 (but will keep trying!) And yes Aves, the collar is what led me to EAME.
  2. Hi Birdy, It looks like it could be a Western Meadowlark. Compare with this (https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Western_Meadowlark/id) and see what other think.
  3. American Avocet - and a study in symmetry DuPage Co., IL P.S. I love all the photos on this thread - even trying to be judicious I keep running out of 💗s!! 🙃
  4. That feeling when you have a frog in your throat...
  5. A berry in the beak is worth two in the bush!! Nicely done mpfuchs!
  6. Why so serious?!? Immature Cooper's Hawk - DuPage Co., IL Quick story on the title as he/she WAS quite serious. I was wrapping up a walk through a local forest preserve walking down a path lined by mostly maples; it's almost like a tunnel (trees 20 feet apart and leaves full, so 12 - 20 feet above). Being a typical bird-watcher, I was looking up. I glanced in front of me and freaked when I see this bird swooping up the path straight in front of me and directly at eye-level. It veered off and up less than 10 feet away! As I checked that my feet were still in my shoes, I noticed this young one in a tree, so I got this shot. As I was trying to get other angles, I was swooped at two more times. I'm assuming my encounter was the parent(s) of this one and left them in peace (and me with clean shorts!)
  7. Hear, hear Spyonabird!! I usually crop, post-process (try to limit it - but still working at getting to be a better photog and maybe, someday, a lens longer than 200mm) and love being out in nature and capturing a moment of what I see. Is it art? Hmmmm... “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams
  8. Juvie Downy gets a handout from parent
  9. While looking for birds, saw this guy fly by and land in the prairie grass... Virginia Ctenucha - DuPage Co., IL
  10. Wuddya lookin at?!?! Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak - DuPage Co.. IL
  11. This Tree Swallow has been reported to the F.B.I. Tree Swallow - DuPage Co., IL
  12. Happened across this bird in open area with buildings in a forest preserve. Chicago, western suburb. Thanks for any help!
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