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  1. Norther IL, May 1 next to pond. Chasing bugs in small trees very close to a blue-gray gnatcatcher. Thank you!
  2. Northern IL, May 1 fallen tree next to marshy area. For that reason I thought a Marsh Wren, but doesn't quite match up. Sedge Wren? Thanks all!
  3. Almost 4:30 and deodorant still workin'!! (play off of Kevarc's 3/4 post above 😉)
  4. Just wanted to drop a note to say I think this is an awesome, well-organized forum and add a huge thanks to you all for everything you do! 😉
  5. A Sandhill Crane (bit unusual for this location) gets a little ruffled as dog-walkers approach.
  6. Yellow-rumped (Myrtle, I believe) warbler has lunch.
  7. Yikes - my sincerest apologies to the females of the morphs and a huge thanks to you Bird Nuts! That means I was able to see both morphs in the same outing. 😁 The other morph...
  8. Thanks egosnell! I got one of the male earlier that day and ID'd that. Didn't think to look for the female. g
  9. Chicago, on lakefront (Montrose Point) on Tuesday along one of their paths. As always, thank you!
  10. Thank you both! I've so much to learn. Being a marsh they are always very common, though I have to say I've not seen the females as frequently as the males.
  11. DuPage Co (western Chicago burb), IL in marsh/pond area. From all I've looked at I'm leaning towards a female Cassin's finch, but then the eye patch doesn't seem quite right... 😕 As always, thank you for having a look-see!
  12. TY HRH, Kevin and IBH! Seem to be a lot of warblers coming through IL (also saw M+F Palms (and RC Kinglets) today.) Though being so small, they're easy to overlook.
  13. Both in budding trees next to lake in Illinois on April 11. The gray one (#2) was flitting out over marshy area catching insects (type of flycatcher??). Thank you to the community for your IDs and comments! #1 #2
  14. Went back today and got a better pose from Myrtie...
  15. TY peeps, from myself and Myrtle! Thanks for staying up BB. 🙂
  16. Saw April 9 in Batavia, IL prairie next to lake. Pretty sure it's a warbler, but need the pros to weigh in on that and/or type. Thanks in advance!
  17. Photo from July 1, 2017. Location: Winfield, IL forest preserve. Thank you!
  18. Thanks all; for the ID and the welcome! I apperciate it. Re HamRHead's reply: "I agree with Someone Sandpiper." I have to say my first interpretation was that he didn't often agree with anyone. Glad the clarification cleared that up
  19. Seen on Fox River (norther IL) on 10/02/18 Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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