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  1. IvoryBillHope

    Vireo of some kind?

    Yellow-throated Warbler is correct.
  2. IvoryBillHope

    Hawk ID help

    For starters, there's actually no belly band. I know it's hard to see because the photo is overexposed or whatever, but the streaking continues all the way to the dark head/throat. Also, and I'm not sure how much of a real field mark this is, but Red-shouldereds always look like they have smaller beaks than Red-taileds to me. EDIT: Referring to photo one here.
  3. IvoryBillHope

    Hawk ID help

    Agree with Red-shouldered and Northern Harrier.
  4. IvoryBillHope

    Palo Pinto Co.

    Agree with Red-shouldered Hawk, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and House Sparrows.
  5. IvoryBillHope

    scaups, yes more of those

    Peaked head, looks like Lesser to me, especially the male. Less sure on female, but leaning Lesser there too.
  6. IvoryBillHope

    Red-tailed Hawk

    Looks good.
  7. That's a chickadee, looks like Black-capped. Where was this?
  8. IvoryBillHope

    Jane Dorsey

  9. IvoryBillHope

    Yucatan heron like bird

    American Flamingo a possibility down there? Juveniles or sometimes adults can be pretty pale.
  10. IvoryBillHope

    Yucatan heron like bird

    Wood Stork, White Ibis come to mind.
  11. IvoryBillHope

    Hawk questions

    Agree with all this. I knew as soon as I saw the first photo what it was, but laying out specifics as to why my brain jumps to an ID is something I still struggle with.
  12. I'm looking at Sibley second edition and he has painted the throat and cap very dark brown. I've also seen this species in the wild, trust me, brown is the right color. From distance I guarantee it looks black and white though.
  13. IvoryBillHope

    Help ID a Sparrow

    Buffy malar, gray face, thin streaking- looks like Lincoln's to me.
  14. IvoryBillHope

    Hawk questions

    Dark eyes support adult Red-tailed.