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  1. IvoryBillHope

    Surf Scoter?

    Link won't work for me.
  2. IvoryBillHope

    Hybrid Canada Goose

    Other parent could be a domestic Graylag Goose.
  3. IvoryBillHope

    Cape May ?

    Leaning Cape May here as well.
  4. IvoryBillHope

    Pine or Blackpoll?

    Sorry, I meant pale feet as the mark to differentiate from Bay-breasted, which is what we tell people to look for. I see now you're asking about Pine. Pine Warblers have a slightly thicker bill and less of an eyeline, and they're usually either quite dull or bright yellow on most of the underparts. Blackpoll tend to have more distinct streaking underneath, but that's somewhat variable and depends on the angle, and they tend to be brightest on the throats and upper breast.
  5. 1. Yes to Snowy, and I'd say Greater for at least the two yellowlegs to the left based on bill length. 2. Great Blue Heron
  6. IvoryBillHope

    Pine or Blackpoll?

    Blackpolls. Note the pale feet.
  7. This is a domestic Mallard of some variety.
  8. Strange, I can still see the second photo.
  9. I've actually been to the Gilbert Water Ranch, great spot, saw many lifers there.
  10. IvoryBillHope

    Large Duck-like Bird..?..

    It's a Domestic Muscovy Duck.
  11. Why not Least Bittern here? Buffy orange color overall and what appears to be a dark cap.
  12. IvoryBillHope


    Yellow Warbler I think.
  13. Just to be clear, I was referring to the species "Mountain Bluebird". Just making sure there's no confusion there, try this link: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Mountain_Bluebird/id