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  1. IvoryBillHope

    scaup ?

    Nonbreeding males should still show red color on the head, and the time of year is off as well. Female looks to be the best call here.
  2. IvoryBillHope

    What Bird is This?

    Yes, Boat-tailed is correct.
  3. IvoryBillHope

    Heinz NWR Philly

    Mallard and Purple Finch.
  4. IvoryBillHope


    I like White-throated Sparrow here.
  5. IvoryBillHope

    House Finch in VT

    Yes, that's a House Finch.
  6. IvoryBillHope

    What kind of bird is this

  7. 1. Gray Hawk 2, 3. Great Black Hawk or Common Black Hawk, not sure how to tell the difference 4. Yellow-headed Caracara 5. Crested Caracara
  8. IvoryBillHope

    Need a bird ID please!

    Pine Grosbeak. Not sure what the problem is with it.
  9. IvoryBillHope

    Can this be a green heron

    Green Heron is correct.
  10. IvoryBillHope

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Ocellated Turkeys are so cool.
  11. IvoryBillHope

    Shorebird ID

    Black-bellied Plover.