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  1. White-faced Whistling-Duck, definitely not native. Probably captive, they’re banded.
  2. Willets, dowitchers, a couple Dunlins, and the Ruddy Turnstone.
  3. Regarding your taxonomy question, falcons/caracaras (Falconidae) are now the only family in Falconiformes, and Accipitriformes is the current correct order for White-tailed Hawk, along with other hawks, eagles, vultures, osprey, etc.
  4. That’s not a Song Sparrow (no streaks, small bill for starters). Not too much experience with western sparrows, but possibly Clay-colored or Brewer’s?
  5. Agree with Solitary and Yellow-rumped.
  6. 2 and 3 are Willets, unless the harrier is in there too and I’m missing it.
  7. Yep those are House Finches. The other one is a female Summer Tanager.
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