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  1. Definite towhees. Location will likely seal the ID.
  2. First is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, second is a Chipping Sparrow.
  3. Carolina. Bewick’s Wrens lack buffy tones and are a colder brown overall.
  4. Not an adult male. Female or a young individual. Adult males are glossy black with dark brown heads.
  5. Agreed, note the uniform rufous coloration on the upperparts and relatively faint spotting.
  6. On a somewhat unrelated note, whatever happened to Bigfoot? Loved his leadership and presence on the forums. I remember he went out of his way to help me over email with an issue I was having with the forum back when I was a relatively new member, around 2013.
  7. No…check out the white undersides and stripe up the front of neck.
  8. Larger bill, longer tail, and location say Common Grackle.
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