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  1. Yep, that’s a young Bald with all those white body feathers.
  2. I’d like to see more shots if you have them.
  3. Yes, that latest one is a female House Sparrow.
  4. That one is the male. The original shots show a female.
  5. 2 is indeed a female Mallard, but probably has domestic genes. 1 and 3 are domestic Graylag Geese.
  6. There are no bushtits here. Oak Titmouse is correct for all photos. Bushtits have longer tails, are slimmer overall, and lack any hint of a crest. Even in the first few photos you can see a point near the back of the head where the crest is lowered. The yellow staining phenomenon can surely be applied to other species, not just Bushtits.
  7. Yes all Northern Mockingbirds. The species isn’t sexually dimorphic so I can’t determine male/female.
  8. I wasn’t going to be too specific about the exact shade of orange coloration visible on different parts of the body of a bird in a pixelated photo. The fact that orange color of any description is apparent on the body of any swan should be a dead giveaway for a lighting issue or photo artifact or something along those lines. Furthermore, the presence of orange in areas where no swan species would ever have that color should draw into question the validity of what appears to be an orange beak. All that being said, I don’t feel comfortable identifying this swan to species level. I have no personal experience with Trumpeter, and wouldn’t want to make a call from this angle anyway. I feel that Mute is unlikely because this bird lacks any apparent knob above the bill. Would appreciate any others that want to weigh in with their thoughts.
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