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  1. very cool--my first caught on camera--thank you!!
  2. I was taking pictures of something else....then I heard this amazing chirping...so I redirected my lens to its source. I never heard such amazing chirping--it wasn't so much like a song...just beautiful chirping!
  3. that one is her/his baby following along--sorry the picture quality is very grainy b/c a cell phone pic----i was so upset I didn't bring my birding lens--we were there checking on my crab trap
  4. ah thank you!! you taught me something I never knew about mallards before!!
  5. I just read that they are one of the most common birds of North America and it took me this long (2 years since I started taking pictures of birds) to learn about them!
  6. sorry not so sharp--was taken through my window---these congregate in large groups I believe in my yard rooting around in the grass
  7. Thank you! How about this one? This one seems a lot bigger---The Same?
  8. hahaha ok at least my hunch was semi correct--thank you!
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