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  1. Cavan Wood - Yes. Do you know if they are frequent visitors to the Piedmont of North Carolina?
  2. The Bird Nuts - Not a Pine Warbler, I have a few of those for comparison. Charlie Spenser - I do not think it is a Ruby-Crowned. No wing bars and the head is the same as the nape and back. Shape is different as well. pictaker - You may be right. The link to the Orange-crowned Warbler that you sent appears much like what I am seeing (the adult). I can discern no color difference on the head but maybe the time of year or just a variation in color. The color is off somewhat as my bird has a distinct separation between the darker back and the lighter breast. The underside leans more toward a pale olive-yellowish-white. Anyway this is the closest match I have seen. Also, on the link you shared the Adult Tennessee Male in breeding color is much the same except for the gray head and nape. Thank you all a bunch for your helpful input!
  3. I live in the Piedmont of North Carolina. I have a very small Warbler or possible Vireo or Kinglet visiting my feeder the past two weeks (mid to end of Feb. 2019). The little guy is only about 4 inches long, smaller than our Carolina Chickadees. It is a dark greyish olive on its head, back, wings and tail. The breast and belly are pale yellowish-white, getting slightly more yellowish-olive as it gets between the legs and under the tail. It appears to have a faint, darker eye-stripe and a lighter eye-ring. Its overall appearance is olive, dark above and light below, and slim when not fluffed by cold weather. I have scoured this and other sites and can find no matches. Hope you fellow bird lovers and experts can help. P.S. It seems to eat suet above the other foods.
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