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  1. Congratulations! American Kestrel is one of the birds that I most want to see in real life. They're so beautiful and interesting-looking in photos.
  2. I photographed this bird from some distance away and through a window, so the photo's not that great. Is it a female house finch or house sparrow, maybe? Help, please?
  3. Beautiful! I've only seen them in photos. I'd love to see one someday.
  4. I started birding in November 2017 and the bird I most wanted to photograph, but really didn't expect to see, is the Painted Bunting, the most beautiful bird in my state. Just eight months later, I accidentally found one when I heard a beautiful birdsong at Emerald Isle Woods Park and looked up and saw the rainbow! 🤩
  5. Oh wow, I wish he'd get closer so that I could get a better shot! Thank you for the ID!
  6. I need help with this one, please. The bird is far away and up a tall tree and it's beyond the range of my camera so it's very fuzzy. But I'm hoping someone will recognize the bird.
  7. Thanks for the tip about including the date of the photo!
  8. The photo of the bird in the tree was taken May 29th, 2018 and the bird in the field was taken May 31st, 2018. I'm fairly new to birding but I've taken thousands of pictures already and this was the one bird I had not been able to identify. I was looking back through photos last night and realized I should post it somewhere to get ID help. I'm glad I did!
  9. Wow, thanks! I would never have gotten that without your help! 🙂
  10. I took photos of some birds near Bogue Sound on NC coast. They were mostly in the top of some very tall pine trees and I couldn't get good shots. I also got a photo of one of them in a grassy area nearby but I couldn't get close (no trespassing sign) so that photo is blurry, as well. I've tried and tried to identify what kind of bird these are but I can't figure it out. Main color is a grayish brown with red or rust along wings, with unusual mask-looking eyes. Can anyone help?
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