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  1. Aaron thank you . I have the small tube feeders and they seem to "attach" themselves to the roost pegs . I did think about a feeder that closes when Large birds sit on it . however I don't want to stop my Cardinals . oh well that's Nature . again Thank you
  2. I have Red Wing Blackbirds eating everything out of my Feeders and they leave nothing I don't mind the feeding, What can I do to discourage them from taking over the feeders from the other birds . I use songbird feed and wild bird feed . I also have a suet feeder for the Woodpeckers . Thanks community for that tip it worked great for my Woodpeckers
  3. I have been using suets and tried several different kinds for woodpeckers they sometimes eat them and then other times want the seeds I live in Florida and I have not heard of any notice about removing Feeders
  4. I have an issue with Woodpeckers "emptining " my feeders and I have no idea what they want to eat . can anyone give me some ides on What to feed them ??
  5. hello Bird community I come to you again with another Bird I have in my Backyard I need help identifying I am in The Panhandle of Florida, Bay County , Callaway . I saw this bird early in the day right before Lunchtime Thank You in advance for your help Sybil
  6. I just saw this bird this am it got cooler overnight . Northwest Florida , Bay County , Panama City . I was looking out my Kitchen window and saw this bird then another one . so I assume a couple .
  7. I have finally gotten a closeup picture of this guy . I see him/her everyday in a tree high above watching my yard . I know it's a Hawk just not sure what kind . Thank You in advance for help Sybil. this in the Panhandle of Florida Bay County Panama City time today 12 - 12:30 pm . in the tree high above it's everyday with a Larger Hawk about 3 pm until about 5 pm fluffing and preening
  8. no just a regular camera that I make videos of birds on the ground and then make screen shots from that
  9. I had a camera sitting on the ground making a video of birds . since this one would not go up to my feeder , I decided to "hide" the camera on the ground make a video then make screen shots from that
  10. I am thinking a bunting ?? early morning and early afternoon . Bay County , Florida Callaway
  11. okay this one is from a friend In Central Florida about September midday
  12. I have a couple of Birds that are new to me . One looks like a Finch ,however it is larger that a Purple Finch . the other I have no clue . they have both been seen around October usually early morning and some early evening I live in the Panhandle of Florida , Bay County , Callaway this first one is larger than a Purple Finch . the second one has yellow under his wings
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