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  1. This fella I got a picture of at Canyon Lake , TX in March this year was a behemoth
  2. Well, that would explain why there is no map showing their range in my Sibley's then. It is just so small compared to the other Great Blue Herons I have seen.
  3. I figured it was a Great Egret, but for some reason the beak seemed off to me, thanks
  4. This beauty was just hanging out in this spot for close to 2-hours, and still there when I left. Taken today in Oklahoma. It is on the smaller side, so I am thinking Gray Heron, but Sbiley's says it can be hard to differentiate from the Great Blue Heron, so would like your thoughts. Thanks
  5. Taken today on Oklahoma, I am thinking this is a Great Crested Flycatcher, based on size of beak and coloring, thoughts?
  6. Took some pics today in Oklahoma of some young birds, I think they are Starlings Also, what is the bird in flight? Thanks
  7. I would like help verifying what type of Egret this is, it's bill seems a bit thick & short to me. Taken today in Oklahoma
  8. Picture taken today in Stillwater, OK
  9. Thanks, I thought it's beak looked too small, and the big white spot on it's wing through me off. It looks pretty rough.
  10. Picture was taken near Palestine, TX last week. Guess this little guy is molting or something, so not sure what it is.
  11. Took these pictures near Palestine, TX the first week of June
  12. I don’t see anything in Sibley’s or pictures online of an Eastern Kingbird having red cap (looks yellow to me). Why does it have such a cap? Is this common?
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