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  1. Taken in Stillwater, OK on 12-4-2019. Was thinking White-eyed Vireo at first, then Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but after looking in Sibley's, I just don't know. Thanks
  2. yay, first one I've seen, or at least ID'd, thanks
  3. I saw a bird a couple of days ago that I thought was bigger than a Red-tail Hawk, and had a very distinct white stripe on it's tail, but I didn't have my camera. Then tonight, while going through the pictures on my camera from the previous month, I noticed the white stripe on the tail of the bird in the attached pictures. I took these pictures in Stillwater, OK a month ago, and at the time thought it was a Red-tail Hawk, but now I wonder if it is a Northern Harrier. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. This fella I got a picture of at Canyon Lake , TX in March this year was a behemoth
  5. Well, that would explain why there is no map showing their range in my Sibley's then. It is just so small compared to the other Great Blue Herons I have seen.
  6. I figured it was a Great Egret, but for some reason the beak seemed off to me, thanks
  7. This beauty was just hanging out in this spot for close to 2-hours, and still there when I left. Taken today in Oklahoma. It is on the smaller side, so I am thinking Gray Heron, but Sbiley's says it can be hard to differentiate from the Great Blue Heron, so would like your thoughts. Thanks
  8. Taken today on Oklahoma, I am thinking this is a Great Crested Flycatcher, based on size of beak and coloring, thoughts?
  9. Took some pics today in Oklahoma of some young birds, I think they are Starlings Also, what is the bird in flight? Thanks
  10. I would like help verifying what type of Egret this is, it's bill seems a bit thick & short to me. Taken today in Oklahoma
  11. Thanks, I thought it's beak looked too small, and the big white spot on it's wing through me off. It looks pretty rough.
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