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  1. Took this pic today between Denali & Talkeetna, AK. Best I could do to even get one on a moving train. Is it enough to identify these two birds? Thanks
  2. I took these today in Alaska at Denali National Park. The first two are of the same bird, and the best I could come up with using Merlin Bird ID is Short-billed Gull. I think the only think the swallow is a Violet-green swallow. The last two are of the same bird. I am thinking either a Surf Scooter or White-winged Scooter. Thanks
  3. You are probably correct on number 8. Others said there were White-rumped Sandpipers at that location this morning. Thanks
  4. I'm not very clear on how to tell them apart. Taken today in north/central OK.
  5. With lots of rain, we have had a number of uncommon/rare shore birds in the area today (north-central Oklahoma). These are several sandpipers (I think). Would appreciate the help with ID.
  6. With lots of rain, we have had a number of uncommon/rare shore birds in the area today (north-central Oklahoma). Would appreciate the help with ID.
  7. Taken today in Stillwater, OK Also, is the last pic a Yellowlegs? Some of the coloring is making me wonder.
  8. I took this pic yesterday at Drummond Flats in somewhat NW Oklahoma. Thanks
  9. I don't recall for sure, but I think all the pics are of the same bird. Based on the mask, and looking at pictures, I don't think it could be a Rufous, but I do think perhaps Stripe Throated. Thanks
  10. It is basically facing away, that is it's back, here are more pics
  11. I was told while I was in Costa Rica that this is a Hermit Hummingbird. But as I research them, there are different kinds, and eBird is not very helpful. Can anyone help me with specifics? These were taken at the Veragua Rainforest on 12-30-2021. Thanks
  12. These pics were taken at a distance, so it may be hard to ID the birds, but I am hoping someone has a keen eye. Beside the Brown Pelicans, I believe there are Royal Terns & Sandwich Terns present. But what else are you seeing? Taken late Dec in Colon, Panama. Thanks
  13. Took these pictures on 12-25-2021 in Roatan, Honduras. The yellow by the eye is making me think possibly Mangrove Vireo. Thanks
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