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  1. I looked at the Tanager, but the coloring just was so out there. However, the Summer Tanager does go through quite the array. I have seen a Yellow-billed Cuckoo in that area before, and that did pop into my head briefly. Thanks guys.
  2. Took these pictures this morning in north central Oklahoma. Lighting wasn't great, so hope these will do for identification. Thanks
  3. Hope this is good enough for an ID. It was taken yesterday at Nisqually Ntl Wildlife Refuge in Olympia, WA
  4. Thought those might be Chipping, missed on the Vesper. A California Gull, very cool (lifer). Thanks
  5. I am sure I should know the sparrows, but would like expert eyes. All these were taken today in Yellowstone Ntl Park. Thanks
  6. Sorry, been away from civilization. I saw it at the Big Salt Marsh, towards the latter part of the drive. Sorry I can't be more specific.
  7. Took these on 9-2-2021 at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, Kansas.
  8. I looked at all the warblers in my Sibley’s, and couldn’t really see that orangey color on the face in any of them. Now when I look at the picture in the book, I can see a wee bit of orange, but not like on the actual bird I saw.
  9. Hi, out and about the country. Took a pic of this little one last night at Sink Canyon, WY.
  10. Kind of thought 4 was a Summer T, but their colors vary so, and this is the first year I have seen them (4 in all). The Redstart is a lifer. I should have gotten the Thrush, but for the life of me I couldn’t. Thanks
  11. I took these poor quality pictures early this morning (north central Oklahoma) and the bird was in the woods, so lighting sucked. It kind of appears to have a dark cap, so I was thinking Gray Catbird. Of course, these may be so bad...but thought I would try to ID. Thanks
  12. Hello again, my brain is hurting and everything is blurring together. I took these pics over the last 2 days her in north central Oklahoma. Pics 2 & 3 aren't great, but hope they are good enough to ID.
  13. I was initially thinking Bell's, but because that is what I wanted them to be, I second guessed myself. Cool about the Bobolink, I thought there was something kind of not sparrow about it, but... Thanks
  14. Taken today, north central OK. Also, what kind of Sparrow is the last picture? Thanks
  15. Too funny, as I was hoping to see one today at that location. It's a lifer. Someone else posted a picture a few days ago from there, but I thought it would be bigger😂 Thanks
  16. Would the be a 1st Summer Red-winged Blackbird? Taken today, north central OK.
  17. I was thinking these were Black & White Warblers, but the bird in the first 2 pics (same bird) has a solid black head. I still the third one, might be. Taken today in north central Oklahoma. Thanks
  18. ...for anyone but me;) Taken today in north central Oklahoma. Also want to confirm what type of Thrushes the non-yellow bird pics are. Thanks
  19. I was thinking that, but wanted to confirm, thanks
  20. Taken at Great Salt Plains Ntl Park, N-OK this weekend. Only shot I got, not the best. Thanks
  21. I had a hard time with the Vireo because it bill doesn't seem short enough. Thanks
  22. As usual, I need help after a good outing. I spent the weekend at the Great Salt Plains Ntl Park in Northern Oklahoma this weekend. I have no idea on the first two pics of the same bird. Is the second bird a Marbled Godwit? Is the Tern a Common or Forester's? Last, are the Scaups Greater or Lesser? I am leaning to Greater. Thanks
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