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  1. You are probably correct on number 8. Others said there were White-rumped Sandpipers at that location this morning. Thanks
  2. I'm not very clear on how to tell them apart. Taken today in north/central OK.
  3. With lots of rain, we have had a number of uncommon/rare shore birds in the area today (north-central Oklahoma). These are several sandpipers (I think). Would appreciate the help with ID.
  4. With lots of rain, we have had a number of uncommon/rare shore birds in the area today (north-central Oklahoma). Would appreciate the help with ID.
  5. Taken today in Stillwater, OK Also, is the last pic a Yellowlegs? Some of the coloring is making me wonder.
  6. I took this pic yesterday at Drummond Flats in somewhat NW Oklahoma. Thanks
  7. I don't recall for sure, but I think all the pics are of the same bird. Based on the mask, and looking at pictures, I don't think it could be a Rufous, but I do think perhaps Stripe Throated. Thanks
  8. It is basically facing away, that is it's back, here are more pics
  9. I was told while I was in Costa Rica that this is a Hermit Hummingbird. But as I research them, there are different kinds, and eBird is not very helpful. Can anyone help me with specifics? These were taken at the Veragua Rainforest on 12-30-2021. Thanks
  10. These pics were taken at a distance, so it may be hard to ID the birds, but I am hoping someone has a keen eye. Beside the Brown Pelicans, I believe there are Royal Terns & Sandwich Terns present. But what else are you seeing? Taken late Dec in Colon, Panama. Thanks
  11. Took these pictures on 12-25-2021 in Roatan, Honduras. The yellow by the eye is making me think possibly Mangrove Vireo. Thanks
  12. I know these 2 pics are super blurry, but do you think there is enough to say what kind of Kingfisher they are? These were taken in Puerta Limon, Costa Rica on 12-30-2021. I am thinking Amazon. Thanks
  13. Why is it the wrong thread? Is Costa Rica considered North America? I selected help identifying a bird not in North America.
  14. Wow, super cool. I would never have figured that one out. Thanks
  15. The first picture was taken in Costa Rica on 12-30-2021 The second picture was taken in Roatan, Honduras on 12-25-2021
  16. I took this picture in Costa Rica on 12-30-2021, thanks
  17. I looked at the Tanager, but the coloring just was so out there. However, the Summer Tanager does go through quite the array. I have seen a Yellow-billed Cuckoo in that area before, and that did pop into my head briefly. Thanks guys.
  18. Took these pictures this morning in north central Oklahoma. Lighting wasn't great, so hope these will do for identification. Thanks
  19. Hope this is good enough for an ID. It was taken yesterday at Nisqually Ntl Wildlife Refuge in Olympia, WA
  20. Thought those might be Chipping, missed on the Vesper. A California Gull, very cool (lifer). Thanks
  21. I am sure I should know the sparrows, but would like expert eyes. All these were taken today in Yellowstone Ntl Park. Thanks
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