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  1. Thank you both for your expertise, looking at googled images it was definitely an American Woodcock that I saw. It's not a bird I've ever seen before, but New York City is certainly not the best habitat for these guys. As suggested, I looked at some videos of American Woodcocks crossing roads - it really is funny! thanks again, GK.
  2. Found a bird today (3/4/19) standing in a bare dirt patch under some sparse bushes, next to the wall of an apartment building inside a housing development in Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. It was 1:00PM, 36 degrees and sunny out but the area was in the shade from the building. The bird was the size of a smallish pigeon but more compact (neck was not pronounced, or it had its head huddled into the feathers of the body) maybe 6-7 inch long body and with an about 2-1/2" inch long beak. The feathers were colored in many different shades of browns on top and tans/beiges on bott
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