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  1. All local martin houses are active as of this week in central NY, so PUMA's are definitely around. :)
  2. Palm, Yellow-rumped, Red-eyed Vireo?, Chestnut-sided, & Palm.
  3. Thanks for the inputs - here's another grebe I was wondering about. Same date and location (just a little farther away). The bill looks a lot smaller than what I'm use to seeing on Western Grebes (or is it just my imagination?)
  4. My impression is of a Raven, especially from the 2nd pic, but they usually aren't found that far south. I've seen Ravens in NC and VA in the last few weeks, so maybe their range is expanding?
  5. Yep, Eastern Bluebird (they sometimes winter over in the northeast, or at least return early).
  6. Taken 5 years ago - Lake Andes NWR SD (May 2014). Think the first photo is a Clark's Grebe, 2nd is a Western for comparison. Both were taken at the same location.
  7. Maybe Yellow-crowned Night-heron, but the white on the wingtips doesn't fit (unless it's just the lighting/photo).
  8. Thanks everyone - pine were common there, but this looked different for some reason. Realized it couldn't be O-C after rechecking Sibley's & noted the coverts.
  9. Agree Red-eyed Vireo. Great shot - not always easy to get the red eye to show!
  10. Taken 2 weeks ago at Corkscrew Sanctuary (Ft Myers area). Thinking orange-crowned maybe?
  11. Here's the picture with shadowing reduced, it appeared completely white (at first I thought Great Egret). I would guess this is a juvenile.
  12. Never seen a white sandhill crane - could it be leusistic (spell check didn't work).
  13. Taken in Flamingo FL (Everglades Nat. Park) on Saturday 3/15. Not sure if crane, egret, or heron. Thanks for any help.
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