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  1. That little white "spur" at the shoulder is a telltale sign for spotted sandpiper. Right in front of the wing the white extends up from the breast.
  2. These pics are all of the same bird. Thanks for the input so far! Ring-billed would have been my guess but I'm not seeing a distinct mark on the end of the bill unless it was the lighting.
  3. I'm in Ontario so not sure which species you have out there but 1 and 2 appear to be orioles of some sort. 1 has a possible cedar waxwing in behind the branches. 3 and 4 are vireos (possible red-eyed) and 5 is another oriole.
  4. Hi, Need some help with this gull that was hanging out with other herring gulls and ring-billed gulls. The dark smudge behind the eye has me curious. This was August 9 in Brantford, Ontario, Grand River. Thanks! IMG_1782b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_1773b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_1771b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr
  5. Sounds like tree swallow. Blue head and back that can appear black in bright light.
  6. There's a cardinal most prominent, also hearing a red-winged blackbird and a blue jay towards the end. There is at least one more species in the background but can't tell what.
  7. Leucistic common grackle? Leucism refers to loss of pigmentation of the feathers similar to albino but not quite.
  8. That's a black swallowtail butterfly. Not up to speed on my flycatchers though.
  9. I've seen white pelicans in Northern Ontario. More specifically on Lake Esnagami north of Geraldton. Very possible that this is what you saw!
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