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  1. 12 hours ago, Greg Voth said:

    Thanks for the responses.  I have been listening to Wood Thrush recordings online and didn't find any with the repeated two notes followed by trill.  But I think the wood thrush identification must be right.   I guess individual wood thrush can have quite different songs?

    Individual variation, yes

  2. Hi!  Looking for help on these 2 birds from today in Southern Ontario.  First is a possible solitary sandpiper?  Originally, in the field I had thought spotted but once seeing my only photo thought otherwise.  Second bird I haven't been able to figure out yet (2 photos of the same bird).  Thanks for any assistance as always!

    33923468228_d92e217c94_b.jpgIMG_1335b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr

    47011233954_865f4c7561_k.jpgIMG_1316b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr

    46884208425_67a873e722_k.jpgIMG_1315b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr

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