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  1. My understanding is that the females have the broken up red cap. On the males the red cap extends over the whole head.
  2. @RobinHood I was there early afternoon before the snow squall hit. I didn't speak to anyone although said hello to a gentleman on the trails. @millipede Seeing this bird with the Canada geese, I would have judged it similar size
  3. Hello, I counted this bird as a graylag/canada goose hybrid. It was observed today in Collingwood, ON. Thanks for your help! IMG_1000b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0993b by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr
  4. The beak looks more grosbeak like. I'm not familiar with western birds however.
  5. Yes brown-headed cowbirds and a common grackle, I think.
  6. Thanks akiley. I'll need to update the ebird checklist. Sadly, no other photo of the bird in question. So are Iceland and Glaucous both bigger than a Herring? I know that size is hard to tell.
  7. Hello again, Was viewing some gulls 2 days ago in Brantford, Ontario. For sure saw ring-billed, herring and greater black-backed gulls. Decided to snap a bunch of pics, anyone see any other types of gulls in these pics? A big ask I know but you never know, you guys are great on this forum!! Thanks IMG_0668 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0671 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0672 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0673 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0674 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr IMG_0676 by Jason Pizzey, on Flickr
  8. This was from St. Catharine's, Ontario, today.
  9. Hello, Wondering if this is a lesser black backed gull or herring gull. Thanks for your help! IMG_0682b by George Klein, on Flickr
  10. The robin is always the first to call on summer mornings in my neck of the woods (Ontario).
  11. Northern Mockingbird or Yellow-billed cuckoo?
  12. In photo #1 what are the ones with orange beaks? Cool looking.
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