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  1. Hi again, Both of these photos are from the west end of Lake Ontario in Burlington, ON. First shows a grebe which I believe is a horned grebe in winter plumage? The next was an interesting coloured mallard. Would it be a hybrid of some sort or just a mallard? Thanks as always! IMG_0347b by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_0311 by George Klein, on Flickr
  2. Anything is definitely possible. We have a greater kiskadee that has showed up here in Ontario this fall and is the first record ever for all of Canada! Nice find and great pictures!
  3. Hello! I saw this yellowlegs today in Rondeau Provincial Park, Southern Ontario. In the field, I was thinking lesser yellowlegs but ebird says it's rare for this date and location. Is it a greater? IMG_0231b by George Klein, on Flickr Thanks!
  4. It lacks the black "bib" of the northern and I can also see a brownish cap Keep your eyes open for gila woodpeckers, cactus wrens, gambels quail, roadrunners - all cool birds!
  5. 1 - yes 2 - pass 3 - pass 4 - gilded flicker 5 - yes Wait for others, I've only birded your area a couple times. I'm from Canada, lol
  6. I can tell you that black spruce are more likely to be found in low lying boggy areas. This looks to be at higher elevation so white spruce.
  7. Keep your eyes open because there have been sightings recently in Ontario. They are still moving!
  8. I'm by no means an expert but a lot of the time birds will stop to rest and feed for a while. I assume that they then wait for favourable wind and weather patterns to resume their journey. Flickers often feed on ants on the ground.
  9. Hello, I have a guess at what this is but want to see what someone else thinks. Great day out yesterday in Toronto. Added 9 species to my ebird list and this is probably the 10th. Thanks! IMG_0087b by George Klein, on Flickr
  10. Hello, Hoping that I identified these properly from an outing today in Brantford, ON. First I think I saw 2 merlins perched in a tree together overlooking the river. Second photo is of two sparrows the left one I think is a house sparrow and the right one an immature white crowned sparrow. Any help is appreciated! IMG_9993b by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9981b by George Klein, on Flickr
  11. I'm going to say broad-winged. The trailing edge of the wings are black leading me to think this.
  12. Agree with 1 and 3. 2 is phoebe or eastern wood-pewee. I've never seen the latter so wait for others to confirm!
  13. Thanks all. I'm leaving my ebird record as "warbler sp". It was too far away for my 300 mm lens.
  14. Thanks, I think you are correct. The beak did throw me off. Darker head with the yellow throat, white belly and white wingbars seems to fit. Lifer! Anyone confirm? I forgot to mention this was from this morning in Brantford, Ontario.
  15. Hi. Is this a goldfinch or do I have something else here? Thanks IMG_9904b by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9902b by George Klein, on Flickr
  16. Hi there, Saw this warbler Sept. 15 at Rondeau Provincial Park. Wondering what kind. First photo is cropped and lightened. Second photo is cropped only not otherwise enhanced. Thanks! IMG_9820b by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9816b by George Klein, on Flickr
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