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  1. Sounds like two owls and I'm hearing "Who cooks for you?" call of the barred owl.
  2. That's great! A first for me. With how fast it soared over my place I automatically thought accipiter or falcon. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Just snapped a shot of this raptor bombing away over my house. Brantford, Ontario this afternoon. Coopers Hawk? Thanks! IMG_9707b by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9706b by George Klein, on Flickr
  4. Nice shot and agreed, American Kestrel
  5. Sometimes cardinals can lose all their head feathers due to mites or molting. It would then have no crest and a dark head. Just an idea and they do like sunflower seeds.
  6. Hi. These shots were taken yesterday in southern Ontario at Townsend Sewage Lagoons. Lots of swallows around and I was at this location for shorebirds. Thanks! Bank Swallow? IMG_9564b by George Klein, on Flickr Bank Swallow? IMG_9560b by George Klein, on Flickr I thought barn swallow but the tail doesn't look right? IMG_9550b by George Klein, on Flickr Semi-palmated sandpiper? IMG_9546b by George Klein, on Flickr Semi-palmated on the right? How about the guy on the left? IMG_9545b by George Klein, on Flickr
  7. These look like common terns that are already in winter plumage.
  8. Hi again, Been looking for American Black Ducks whenever I see waterfowl to add to the life list. Do I have any here? Also the white duck, is it just a domestic? All seen in Hamilton Harbour area today, western end of Lake Ontario. Thanks! IMG_9482 by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9478 by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9481 by George Klein, on Flickr
  9. Hello 2 different birds here in this post. Both I'm guessing are spotted sandpipers (lifer). The spots disappear after breeding season? Seen in Hamilton Harbour area, western end of Lake Ontario, today. Thanks! IMG_9490 by George Klein, on Flickr IMG_9476b by George Klein, on Flickr
  10. I'm hearing at least 2 robins in the audio. Not the "duck" call that you are speaking of. The one is making the loud higher pitched chirps and I can hear another one further in the background. Not hearing anything like woodpeckers. Maybe common grackle for the duck like call.
  11. Possible savannah sparrows (juvenile). Wait for others to confirm!
  12. Hi. Are these female brown headed cowbirds? Or juveniles? Seen today in southwestern Ontario. Thanks!
  13. After seeing those pictures I will say mallard. Thanks guys
  14. Hi. Need help identifying this duck. Seen in south western Ontario a couple days ago.
  15. Can you post the photo to flickr or a photo site and provide the link? Also location and date?
  16. Is that not a cliff swallow on the very far right with the light coloured forehead? Agree with the rest.
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