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  1. My first thought was Bald Eagle but they did not have all the white markings...just some of the head so thank you for clarifying that they're juveniles.
  2. It's late September and I'm just south of Mobile, Alabama when I saw three of these above me. I dashed into our coach and grabbed my camera to take a few photos. Can anyone help me ID them? thanks
  3. This was taken at Oscar Scherer State Park in Nokomis, Florida from a distance November 2021 at noon. The tail really looks like a Mockingbird but I'm not sure about the "bandit mask" over the eyes. Any ideas? thanks!
  4. You know...I've noticed Hawks don't like to be watched. Every time I get close to one, even if it's way up in the tree, it takes off. I really don't have to do anything except try to take a photo. But, thank you for the advice. I try to be as non-intrusive as possible.
  5. I have no idea even how to start with identifying a hawk, falcon, or like birds. They all look so similar. This one was in a nest above the RV office in Snowville, Utah, about 5 miles south of the Idaho border. First week of May. I got some photos of it in the nest and eventually got it to fly around so I could take a photo in flight. It's on the large size. But, I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Please don't tell me it's a Red-tailed Hawk....seems like everyone I find, that's the answer. thank you!
  6. Thank you all for your confirmation on this bird. It would fly up in the air, twist around, them come back to land. Kind of like a Mockingbird. I tried to get a photo with it's wings spread to show the brilliant yellow underneath but kept missing.
  7. I think this is a Western Kingbird waaaay up on the top of the trees. Snowville, Utah, just 5 miles south of the Idaho border. Today, May 5th around noon. I zoomed in and cropped so the one photos is fuzzy. Even with my telephoto, I could not get any better. thanks! steve
  8. You all have been great ! Thank you very much. I've been looking all through the Sibley's pages at Sparrows. steve
  9. We have a bird feeder outside out kitchen window and see lots of House Finches (I think) but this new one came the other day and has stuck around. It's smaller than the rest but I'm unable to ID it. We are west of Boise, Idaho about an hour and it's January of 2021. Weather is upper 30s/low 40s during the day. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  10. Thank you all. This hawk is a first for me. Mostly we have Red-tailed hawks around here.
  11. We have this hawk that comes around looking for quail to grab. I got this front and back shot through our kitchen window of it sitting on our back fence. Location is Nampa, Idaho, SW of Boise about 30 miles. December 2020. I think it's too small to be a Red-tailed...maybe a Swainson's? or Nothern Goshawk? Thanks up front.
  12. ...saw this one at a bird feeder near west glacier NP but I cannot tell between a few what it is....help?
  13. I'm thinking this is a Spotted Sandpiper...in breeding mode. I'm in northern Washington near the eastern part of the Cascades in July. He's hanging out by the river's edge on the rocks. Got him just as he did some calls. Oh, and they call constantly! thanks!
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