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  1. This was taken 2 days ago in Belmont, NC. Sorry for not including it earlier. So, Hermit Thrush confirmed?
  2. Thank You! In close observation I also see shades of yellow at the bottom of the breast in the second picture.
  3. Should have guessed from the plumage... Yep! Thank You!
  4. What bird is this? Looked lost.. Ambling by the driveway..
  5. THANK YOU. Yes I spotted it in the last picture.
  6. Please confirm id - Female downy woodpecker. I am going with the not so long bill. I am not able to see any of the white tail feathers with black spots but may be am not looking at this properly. Thanks in advance for the time.
  7. These are some beautiful pics... Just breathtaking beautiful.
  8. THANK YOU! Yes taken in Charlotte NC. From the ranges map looks more likely a Carolina Chickadee as opposed to a black capped chickadee? Is that what you are refering to @akandula
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