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  1. I think you have American Wigeon in flight, and the duck second nearest in the bottom photo is a Wigeon. The nearer bird in the bottom photo appears to be a Northern Pintail, as does the nearest bird on the water in the next-to-last photo. The bird back left of the Pintail on the water in the next-to-last photo appears to be a Wigeon based on the head shape and white patch near the rump.

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  2. Yes, it is a male Ring-necked Duck. As a fellow Missourian, I can tell you that they are common throughout Missouri in February.

    The second bird is a Horned Grebe, which are also present in Missouri in February. Among other field marks, a Western Grebe would have a longer neck and much longer bill.

    Your third bird is an American Kestrel.

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