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  1. Took this today, 2 Jul 2021 in a Las Vegas backyard Based on the beak and black coloring, I would guess house sparrow, but I've never seen one with this orange-ish tint. Can anyone verify what it is? Thanks Steve
  2. Charlie, Sorry, didn't see the last post. I'm on the NW side right off Grand Teton / Grand Canyon; I was in Summerlin while at Nellis in the 90s. Later worked at Indian Springs, now done. I went with the kids often to Red Rock, sometimes Mt Charleston - only a couple times to Zion / Bryce
  3. Thanks, I'll get the National Geographic; I'm surprised it's on sale for $25. I already have National Audubon North America and Stokes West for travel, they just don't help as much with all the color variations I see. I've been surprised at all the species I see just in my Las Vegas 30' by 50' back yard. Yesterday we had a sharp-shinned chasing sparrows around the yard. I spent a lot of time trying to decide if it was a Coopers or a Sharp, but decided Sharp based on size; the cinder block he's sitting on is 8" high
  4. Thanks Charlie. If you don't mind, what's your opinion on best sources? I've been using a couple books and sites, but I obviously need something different
  5. the female is less timid, I got a better shot of her
  6. Yes, I was thinking Orange Crowned Warbler, not sure why I typed Sparrow. But thanks for telling me what it really is ! I appreciate it
  7. Taken 3 Jan 2020 in Las Vegas. Is this an Orange Crowned Sparrow? I'm confused by the red stripe on the head Thanks, Steve
  8. I took these photos in Medellin Colombia on June 20, this year; I can't find any bird photos that are even close. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Taken Dec 2018 in Las Vegas NV Floyd Lamb State Park, I'm still confused. They both look like Brewers, but one has yellow eyes. The pics were taken a few minutes apart. I appreciate your help
  10. Took these pictures today, in a subdivision in Las Vegas; I could not get close to the bird, and it kept moving around. My birding book is inadequate, if you have any recommendations...Thanks in advance! Steve
  11. I took this at Corn Creek, near Las Vegas NV on March 12, 2019. I did not hear it sing or chirp; this is the best photo, and the only angle I could get. Any help would really be appreciated!
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