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  1. Seen in Coastal New Hampshire — South of Portsmouth — 8 days ago. Between a salt marsh and the beach.
  2. Seen 6 days ago in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, at dusk.
  3. Seen around 5pm today, freshwater pond near a road at the south end of the White Mountains. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for weighing in — I do have more shots of bird 2: better angles, poor focus + a partial shot that shows more color.
  5. Seen yesterday. Could use some help nailing these down. Thanks!
  6. Got it. Thanks! Looked a little more slender than the other yellowthroats as I've seen, but I shoulda known, as they're (ahem) common in my back alley.
  7. Saw this feller exactly a week ago on the Gulf Coast in Florida:
  8. Saw this in Queens, NY a dozen days ago. Very jumpy little thing.
  9. Great. Thanks to all of you! And thanks for the id tips, @The Bird Nuts
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