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  1. Southern coast of Long Island, NY yesterday — I know there're others in the area, but wasn't sure if I found one hiding in this shrub.
  2. Ah, thanks. That makes more sense. Apparent lack of crest in the blurry photo had me confused.
  3. Seen two days ago (Oct. 19) flying overhead in Northwestern New Jersey — far south, no?
  4. Seen in Coastal New Hampshire — South of Portsmouth — 8 days ago. Between a salt marsh and the beach.
  5. Seen 6 days ago in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, at dusk.
  6. Seen around 5pm today, freshwater pond near a road at the south end of the White Mountains. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for weighing in — I do have more shots of bird 2: better angles, poor focus + a partial shot that shows more color.
  8. Seen yesterday. Could use some help nailing these down. Thanks!
  9. Got it. Thanks! Looked a little more slender than the other yellowthroats as I've seen, but I shoulda known, as they're (ahem) common in my back alley.
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