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  1. I just gotta share these up-close photos from my Great Blue Heron close encounter a couple days ago. These images were captured with a Canon T6i with a kit lens. Apparently these birds have at least one grooved/ribbed toenail for some reason?! You can see the herons cockatoo thingy on his head sticking out and in the last 2 photos, and I can just barely see his beak in the last picture. I have never seen such a lovely blob of feathers.
  2. WOW. There are so many outstanding photos in this topic. Thanks for sharing everybody. I haven't been by lately, but what a pleasure catching up. I got drunk on the porch and took pictures of bee's. Have a great summer.
  3. I hate mowing my lawn and I have bunnies!
  4. Ha ha! Thanks Jim. I sure can relate to that. I've about given up trying to get photos at the beach here because of dogs off leash and eager folk just having no clue that the birds are going to fly away when they rush up to them. I cannot tell you how many times I have missed photos because of dogs chasing them, people throwing rocks, woo-hooing, and being general dimwits. It's a bird sanctuary and there are signs all over to keep dogs on leash but some people just don't get it. I almost don't bother on weekends anymore, and neither do the birds. I lost my shoe in the mud, fallen in the water, and waited hours for ducks to swim or fly to me. Best things I learned - patience! And vigilance, remembering to watch/listen to what the crows and seagulls are yammering on about (osprey/eagles), and I make sure I take my camera everywhere cause of that frikk'in pod of killer whales that swam by.
  5. Seagulls like eating clams and mussels for lunch (I'm gonna have to start wearing a hardhat)
  6. Thank you Bird Brain! It was the closest I have ever been to a heron. If it been anyone else he would have flown away. Had I lunged after him I could have grabbed him. I always wear the same outfit and some of 'em get accustomed to me and the noisy camera clicks after a while (couple years). I was in full view the whole time. Moved extremely slow and low in a squat position - my legs are so sore today! Spectacular bird, definitely one of my favourites.
  7. I had fun slowly sneaking up on a heron yesterday and got within about 6-8 feet. He was falling asleep so every time he closed his eyes I'd sneak up a bit more. Never noticed before but their eyes have reddish/orange outer irises.
  8. Thanks guys! The extra info/reasoning is invaluable
  9. Thank you for the nice compliment Mer Maeve! I love your photos especially considering they were taken with a cellphone! Thank you for sharing. When I got to the beach my jaw dropped too! Here's a couple more shots with some birds in them - captured on April 1st (when sun came up directly behind the mountain) This 2nd image has a great blue heron flying by and the other birds are buffleheads
  10. Trying to figure out what species this fella is for a friend. Washington - north-east side of Cascades
  11. The March 29-30 sunrises over Roberts Bay from here in Sidney B.C. were pretty nice. Mt. Baker was great on the 29th but was venting beautifully on the 30th so I snagged hundreds of photos (I was actually out practicing for some sunrise shots for later on April 1st when the sun rises directly behind the mountain from my vantage point so lucky I caught the venting on the 30th) Here's a couple of 'em I captured with maybe a seagull or a bufflehead or two Sorta looks like E.T. relaxing These 3 shots below were captured on March 29th
  12. Rented that lens, I use my own Canon DSLR and mediocre kit lenses. A local shop here rents all sorts of camera gear - including very nice cameras. https://www.camera-traders.com/rental-equipment/ Literally anything can be rented if you know where to look. A fun one is renting costumes from a local theatre supply house for Halloween, and you can rent props and even a stage set! I was thinking about renting a goat or two this summer to mow my lawn. No kidding - Rent-a-Goat. Someone was actually renting out rabbits here last week (to placate the kids wanting their own) to help keep down the spur-of-the-moment rabbit sales on Easter. Trying to find a new home to rent...not so easy.
  13. Seattle, Yes. Gorgeous osprey and a lucky encounter! I was just leaving the beach (tried to get shots of osprey diving/fishing) and he landed right above me. Had my entry-level Canon T6i fitted with a rented (and very nice) Canon 100-400mm IS II.
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