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  1. All images (and fish) captured at Roberts Bay - Sidney B.C. - Canada
  2. Captured this series of 8 photos on July 10th 2018 on Roberts Bay from very far away. I was trying all day to get my elusive osprey dive close-up (still trying) and this osprey dives down and scares the crap out of a great blue heron. Yes, looks like he caught a fish or two. These osprey are spectacular to watch hunt, but it's so hard to get a close-up of them diving. Even when they are right in front of me (highly unlikely) it's almost impossible to follow them and keep them in frame and focused (especially zoomed in). Hopefully patience, determination, and good luck will prevail this year. Stay tuned!
  3. A seagull and I enjoyed watching these two heron having a big battle. Dramatic splashing and squawking - what an awful noise they make. They made up later, they're ok and friends now.
  4. Well, my bushtits pig-out on the hummingbird feeder all day and look like golf balls. Seriously, thanks for your expertise IvoryBillHope, time for me to log-out zzzzz
  5. IvoryBillHope is right, I tried to figure that out earlier and found this: https://sciencing.com/tell-male-female-mocking-bird-5898606.html
  6. 1 & 2 pollinated bushtits - males 3 oak titmouse - light under belly - fancy hairdoo 4 unpollinated bushtit - male
  7. I don't know - it took me 2 hrs to figure out the orange-crested warbler and I'm still seeing yellow spots everywhere!
  8. I'll defer to IvoryBillHope but I went all in and it's to late now!
  9. whoops I'm 7 hrs. late - not a male bushtit! Oak titmouse cause of the fancy hairdoo
  10. I'm an amateur at this but I'm going all in with northern mockingbirds
  11. My best photos today! House finches went bonkers on one of my cherry blossom trees today munching the little yummy bulbs on the back side of the flowers, and then dropping them (stamens and petals) partially intact with a little hole left in th e middle. Spring has sprung in Sidney by the Sea!
  12. Had a good time watching whimbrels feeding along the shore of Roberts Bay. One of the whimbrels darned near choked to death eating what I believe to be a large mud shrimp! Their long curved bills have specifically evolved to reach into the mud shrimp burrows and pull the critters out. I was especially pleased as the mud shrimps had almost disappeared from Roberts Bay, and this is a very good sign that the bay's ecology is improving.
  13. In Sidney B.C. we celebrate the annual return of the bufflehead ducks at Roberts Bay. Our town of Sidney even has the bufflehead duck incorporated into its 'coat-of-arms'. You can learn more at the Friends of Shoal Harbour website here: https://shoalharbour.com/2018/11/16/october-13-2018-all-buffleheads-celebration/ Roberts Bay is a part of the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Here's our town's crest and flag of Sidney, and a couple of my photos of the return of the buffleheads to Roberts Bay on Oct. 20th 2018.
  14. My best photos of the day! Mt.Baker, Gulf Islands, seagullls, american wigeons and a bufflehead or two. Today 7:25 am PT
  15. Why not start up a WhatBird wallpaper/desktop background section!? I was a member in the past and just recently started up a new account here again. I have been birding now for 3 years and still have much to learn. Thank you WhatBird for giving us this forum and for making it possible to upload and share our photos directly to the forum. It was a pleasant surprise to see this upload policy change when I returned. And thank you fellow birders for helping out beginners, such as myself, and for sharing freely your many excellent photographs and expertise. This osprey wallpaper I just made is a first for me, and is the only photo I have ever watermarked. I have always had reservations about sharing my very best photos but have decided to do it here and risk them being monetized without my permission. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on resolutions/sizes, watermarking, and the sharing of copyright photos whether it be here or elsewhere. Happy birding! Tom
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