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  1. My friend sent me pictures of this bird. It was photographed at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney sometime in March (I don't have an exact date). I don't believe it was in one of the exhibits. I tried the Merlin Bird ID app, but couldn't find a match. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I saw this bird today (March 13) in Southern California. It was flying very high, but it looked like the size of the larger falcons (but it was far enough away, I'm not 100% sure). I'm thinking it is a juvenile Peregrine Falcon. I apologize for the poor quality.
  3. These ducks were seen mid-December of 2018 at Parker Dam on the border of California and Arizona. I'm going through some pictures now and two Goldeneye that were there look like Barrow's to me. I know that Barrow's Goldeneye would be special there, but some had been reported a few days before I was there. What stood out to me was the color of the bill of the female in the first picture. In the second picture it was the shape of the white on the face and the shape of the head of the (what I think is a) young male. I included a comparison picture with another Goldeneye young male that was there.
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