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  1. Hi folks, I took these rather blurry pictures this afternoon (October 17) along Sixteen Mile Creek in Oakville, ON, Canada. It appears to be some species of blackbird (Rusty or Brewer's?), but I'm not sure which. I've only ever seen Red-winged Blackbirds in this area, personally. Thanks! David
  2. Hi folks, These photos were taken on April 4, at about 4 in the afternoon. It's LaSalle Park marina, in Burlington, Ontario (on the North shore of Lake Ontario/Hamilton Harbour) - the birds are sitting on a floating breakwater. It's the bird on the left I'm wondering about - the Merlin app is saying the most likely identification is an Iceland Gull, with Herring Gull in second. Any opinions on that? I'm assuming it's the shape of the body and the pale feathers that suggests Iceland, but I'm not sure. Thanks! David
  3. Hi folks, Once again, I'm rather stumped by a classic conundrum. The Bird Nuts and Creeker were very helpful with this a few weeks back, and I thank them again. This time it was at Claireville Conservation Area in the area of Brampton/Toronto, along the Humber River, near the intersection of two highways (427 and 407). He was perched facing a meadow, today, in the early afternoon. Leaning towards a Cooper's this time, but still not sure. David
  4. Hi folks, These photos were taken around noon today (March 17) at Rattray Marsh in Mississauga, Ontario - the spot is just a few minutes walk from the shore of Lake Ontario. The bird was perched right above the stream that runs through the marsh. I was told by a birder today that there were Coopers nesting in the marsh, so I was leaning in that direction until I looked at the pictures on my computer - I'm not sure they're conclusive at all. Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, David
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