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  1. Just sharing a closer look at the Coppersmith Barbet, taken close to my home in Penang, Malaysia.
  2. This is the Coppersmith Barbet, common where I am in Malaysia, south of Thailand. It has a very distinctive 'call' that is a 'metallic' sounding 'Tonk, tonk, tonk' hence the name of a coppersmith banging away at copper pots/pans?
  3. Amazing … thanks! You surely do know birds outside of the US eh? I have another shot/angle of the Blackbird juvenile. The black-headed gull is in the non-breeding plumage right? or is it a juvenile?
  4. Wow! I looked at Grey Herons but somehow I must have missed all the marks... Thanks.
  5. Visited Hyde Park, London in Aug 2013. All of these 5 photos are taken as I walked around the lake. Appreciate some help to ID them. Thanks. I think Pic 1 is a Cormorant but not sure if this is the Lesser or Greater or ? Pic 5 is likely a dove or pigeon, possibly just a Rock Pigeon? Pic 3 looks like a small sized gull or some seabird.
  6. Visited Hyde Park, London circa August 2013. The photo shows an Indian Ringneck Parrot (male) on the feeder with a much smaller bird at left.. would appreciate some kind of info or ID of that bird. Thanks. Sorry, this is the only photo - was actually focused on the parrot but this little bird came along as I was taking the photo.
  7. Visited Hyde Park, London circa August 2013 and just got around to sort out the bird photos. I am quite sure these 2 photos are that of the Night Heron... can anyone confirm or point out otherwise? Thanks.
  8. I would never have searched for that... makes sense, it's in the park pond but they're free flying... Thank you.
  9. I visited Hyde Park, London back in 2013 (August/Summer) and took in the sights and did some birding. I have not been able to get good help from British birding sites and … won't go into all the problems I had. So far this forum has been just awesome and I hope some of you are able to help me out to ID some birds across the pond. This pair of ducks(?) are taken at the lake in Hyde Park itself. Thanks.
  10. Durham, NC late July/early August of 2013. This was at Duke Gardens... sorry, the beak is all you have to make an identification.. House Finch?
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